African American History Culture : BLACK VIKINGS THE TRUE NORSEMEN

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    I have obtained 100% proof from the ancient Vikings themselves describing there people as being BLACK or BROWN or RED compextions

    THE STORY OF EGIL SKALLAGRIMSSON An Icelandic Family History of the
    Ninth and Tenth Centuries AD sacred text

    Viking Characters:
    Egill Skallagrímsson (c. 910–c. 990) was a Viking-Age poet, warrior and farmer.He is also the protagonist of the eponymous Egil's Saga. Egil's Saga historically narrates a period from approximately 850-1000 CE, being written somewhere between 1220 and 1240---------Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Viking Characters :
    Kveldulf Bjalfason - Ulf Bjalfason (Úlfr Bjálfason) (better known as Kveldulf, Old Norse for "evening wolf") was a renowned hersir and landowner in ninth century Sogn, Norway. He is a main character in the early chapters of Egils saga and appears in the Landnámabók and other Icelandic sources. Kveldulf is described as an ulfhéðinn, a shape-shifter (hamrammr), or a berserker----Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    THE STORY OF EGIL SKALLAGRIMSSON An Icelandic Family History of the Ninth and Tenth Centuries AD

    CHAPTER I. Of Kveldulf and his Sons:

    Kveldulf and his wife had two sons, the elder was named Thorolf, the younger Grim; these, when they grew up, were both tall men and strong, as was their father. But Thorolf was most comely as well as doughty, favoring his mother's kin; very cheery was he, liberal, impetuous in everything, a good trader, winning the hearts of all men. Grim was swarthy, ill-favoured, like his father both in face and mind; he became a good man of business; skilful was he in wood and iron, an excellent smith. In the winter he often went to the herring fishing, and with him many house-carles.-----------THE STORY OF EGIL SKALLAGRIMSSON chp 1

    And Grim had Black skin like his Father Kveldulf

    CHAPTER 55 LV. Egil buries Thorolf


    "Egil was large-featured, broad of forehead, with large eyebrows, a nose not long but very thick, lips wide and long, chin exceeding broad, as was all about the jaws; thick-necked was he, and big-shouldered beyond other men, hard-featured, and grim when angry. He was well-made, more than commonly tall, had hair wolf-gray and thick, but became early bald. He was black-eyed and brown-skinned"-------------THE STORY OF EGIL SKALLAGRIMSSON chp

    Egil was Brown skin Viking

    Sshalam luv is life