Black Short Stories : Black Version of Tarzan Part 5

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    How does it feel? A mysterious voice asked.

    What…what…who…what are you? Kals subconscience form asked.

    You know who I am Kal, the voice answered.

    No…I don't…I don't, Kal replied.

    I am your conscience but call me Raziul, the voice said.

    Raziul, Kal repeated in a confused tone.

    I never knew my conscience would actually…communicate with me, Kal said.

    Every living being has one but I felt it was time to reveal myself to you, Raziul responded.

    But why reveal yourself now why? Kal wondered.

    Because I felt it was time especially after your experience, Raziul informed.

    Experience? Kal repeated.

    How did it feel? Raziul asked.

    How did what feel? Kal wanted to know.

    How your inner savage was released upon extreme danger, Raziul said.

    It felt…I felt…it felt good yet I felt like an animal, Kal said with his head down.

    I know you savored the taste of those mens blood, Raziul said.

    Yes…yes I did, Kal uttered.

    When your inner savage was released it showed the real you, Raziul informed.

    No your wrong!! Kal cried.

    You know its true..HA HA HA HA HA you blood thirsty savage! Raziul evilly laughed.

    Dammit I'm not evil!!!! Kal cried.

    Yes you are!! Raziul insisted.

    F*** you!!!!!! Kal cried in pure rage.

    Kal awoken.

    Dammit your wrong!!! Kal roared.

    He then jumped out of his spot and savagely rammed himself into a tree with his eye pupils going completely blank as if all emotions of goodness were about to disentigrate. Maya woke up aroused by the noise from Kal and began to witness his savagery.

    RAHHH!!!! Kal roared as he completely knocked the tree off its roots falling that one and two more with his savage blood thirsty rage of his strength.

    Kal stop!! Stop Kal what are you doing!!!! Maya cried trying to calm Kal down.

    He didn't stop he simply jumped on top of the fallen tree and began to rip through the tree as if his hands were knives.

    Kal!!! Maya called.

    She then walked over and reached for the back of his shoulder but he with cat-like reflexes batted her hand away with his arm. Maya didn't recognize this side of Kal..the savage side.

    Dammit…hes lost it…theres only one thing that I hope will work, Maya said to herself.

    Maya then jumped on Kals back wrapped her arms around his neck in a chokehold causing him to stand up on his feet with her in the back.

    Calm down Kal calm down! Maya pleaded.

    Instead Kal reached behind him and pulled her off his back dropping her to the ground and he pounced on her and Maya reacted by rolling to her side out of the way getting into her low wrestling stance.

    This isn't exactly how I planned to have our rematch, Maya chuckled to herself.

    Before she could blink Kal shot in for her legs,lifted her up in the air and dropped her hard on the bare ground but Maya scrambled and tussled her way out of his grasp and dove in wrapping her arms around Kals ankle pulling it in tight to get some type of offense going.

    Dammit hes strong as hell, Maya uttered to herself.

    Kal then reached for Mayas leg and lifted up on it flipping her to her back leaving her arching up on her toes with him bearing his weight down on her as he lifted her again and slammed her to her back. He could barely see straight through all this savageness he was feeling. The way he was handling her,the roughness,the way he was controlling her right now was turning her on but Kal didn't know that and she had to do something.

    Grrrrrr, Kal uttered as he grabbed the sides of Mayas head and looked deep in her eyes.

    Maya looked into them with fear and saw how he had no eye pupils in this state.

    Kal! Stop please!! You have to listen to me!! Its me Maya!! Maya!!! She pleaded as blood trickled slowly down her mouth.

    Kal in response slowly lowered his head down and licked sipps of blood off her mouth savoring every bit of the taste.

    He then looked in her eyes again through gritted teeth and in Mayas eyes was complete fear as tears slowly formed in her eyes as he grabbed a sharp rock and raised it in the air preparing for the final strike.

    STOP! A bold voice commanded in Kals head.

    But it was a different voice.

    Get out of my head!! Kal cried as he hopped off Maya like a frog and landed on the ground holding the sides of his head swinging his head back and forth,his dreads shaking up and down trying to get a grip on reality as sweat poured up and down him along with many veins popping out his forehead.

    Whats…happening to me..Kal uttered as his energy slowly began to drain out of him and the pupils in his eyes came back.

    Kal! Kal! Are you ok whats wrong with you!!?? Maya cried as she ran over to him.

    He looked up to her with complete sorrow in his eyes.

    Maya…I tried to hurt you didn't I? Kal asked with a sad tone.

    Its ok Kal its ok, Maya replied panting.

    No its not…Maya I can't believe I…Kal uttered as he broke down pounding his fists on the ground lightly with no energy.

    Maya reached down and wrapped her gentle arms around Kal from the side.

    I'm evil…Kal said.

    No Kal your not evil don't ever say that , Maya comforted.

    Kal felt as if he didn't know himself anymore.

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