Black Short Stories : Black Version of Tarzan Part 3

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    Kal and Maya began their acquainting walk down the forest path as they both laughed and chuckled during their small talk.
    Kal can you carry me? Maya asks innocently.
    Uhhhh sure why not, Kal answered.
    Thanks Kal your probably the nicest savage I'll ever met well besides when you slammed me into the dirt and like I said I owe you one! Maya giggled.
    She then hopped on Kals back and he carried her piggyback style.
    So Kal what exactly do you do all day? Maya asked as she was carried along the path.
    Well let see I hunt of course, uhhhhh do some more hunting and some more hunting and meet fiesty, competitive, savege, beautiful amazons such as yourself, Kal answered.
    Oooooh really well maybe could spend a little more time together ya know since all you do is hunt all day, Maya suggested.
    I'd like that, Kal smiled.
    Oh you gotta meet my friends their gonna love you, Maya informed.
    Oh is that so? Kal pondered.
    Well I THINK they will, Maya giggled as she played with Kals afro feeling through it with her hands.
    Ahhhh ya think well that's good enough for me I can always adapt and get along with them probably, Kal assured.
    Hmmm I got an idea, Maya said.
    Whats ya idea Maya? Kal asked curiously.
    She then all of the sudden jumped off Kals back.
    Betcha can't catch me!!! Maya cried.
    Before Kal knew it Maya had took off at top speed down the path in between the forest.
    Oh no your not getting away from me that easily!!! Kal called.
    He then pursued her down her path taking many twists and turns.
    Geeze…shes fast, Kal thought to himself as he continued.
    All of the sudden Kal heard Mayas scream.
    Oooh…****…Maya I'm coming!!! Kal cried as he sped up dramatically.
    Next thing Kal knew he felt something hit his neck and stick there, he looked just for one second and saw it was a blow dart and he was out cold consumed by unconscienceness and darkness.

    Kal began to slowly make his way back into conscienceness.
    Wakey wakey *****…WAKE YO *** UP *****!!! An angry but familiar voice shouted.
    Kal then slowly and groggily opened his eyes and saw the face of Kutai one of the three men he had beaten down earlier.
    Its YOU!! Kal grunted.
    Kal then tried to move his arms and legs but he then saw that his his arms and legs were tied to the trees in an X shape.
    Dammit, Kal thought.
    Yeah its me ya recognize me, Kutai said.
    Yep I do recognize you and you still a ugly *** *****, Kal commented back.
    You little--Kutai began but was cut off.
    Relax relax we have him right where we want him now, Musai said putting his hand on Kutais shoulder to calm him down.
    You ain't got ****!! Kal cried.
    Oh you sure about that *****? Musai questioned.
    Musai then snapped his fingers. Merchak then dragged a beaten and battered Maya out, he had her tied up with a scarf tied around her mouth.
    MAYA!!!!!! Kal cried out with desperation in his voice.
    Maya then attempted to scream Kals name but couldn't but was forcefully grabbed around her neck and Merchak put a knife up against her throat.
    Let her go she has nothing to do with this mother******, Kal said with a cold voice.
    We might consider that but not right now for now shes my ***** and you're my *****, Musai informed.

    When I get out of these I am gonna--Kal began.
    Shut the **** up!! Kutai said.
    Ya know what Merchak bring that pretty lil ***** over here! Musai told Merchak.
    Merchak then carried the bound Maya and dropped her next to Musai.
    Stop it!! Kal cried.
    You really like this ***** don't you *****, Musai mocked as he grabbed Maya by her hair.
    Musai then licked her nastily and evily across her face as she squirmed to try to resist and she made a face of disgust at him. Kal was boiling inside.
    Hey Kal shes real TASTY, Musai mocked.
    Kal then began to feel something inside him, an "urge".
    I got an idea, Musai said with an evil grin.
    Kutai then all of the sudden snatched off Maya skirt garment exposing her bare **** and she let out a muffled gasp as she realized what was about to happen. Kal began to feel even more of this "urge" this time ten times stronger and all he could think of then was bloodlust and wanting to tear somebody someone anybody limp from limb.
    We gonna make sure this ***** is messed up before you ever get a chance to **** her IF you haven't already, Musai said coldly as he grabbed a big wooden stick off the ground.
    Maya let out a muffled scream at the realization of his intentions.
    Kal couldn't bare it any longer, the pupils in his eyes then turned blank white as if they simply disappeared making him look "inhuman".
    RAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRAHHHH!H!!!!! Kal roared at the top of his lungs.
    Musai,Kutai and Merchak stopped all their actions and looked at Kal with nervousness showing.
    Kal then with all his primal rage snapped his binds like twigs and pounced down to the ground.

    What the **** is wrong with his eyes? Merchak wondered.
    Back the **** up!!! Musai warned waving his wooden stick at Kal.
    Kal didn't say a word he grunted and snatched that stick out of his hand and shoved it straight between his legs stabbing right into his sacred male organ.
    AHHH…AHHHH….AHHHH!!!!!!!!! Musai cried out in utter pain at where he along with every other man was most sensitive at.
    Kutai and Merchak stood there shocked at what they just saw completely dumbfounded and utterly scared.
    You--you--Musai began.
    Kal then sealed Musais faith by literally sticking his hand through his chest and ripping out Musais very heart and savagely squeezees the blood out of it and he dropped like a rock his life tooken in such a savage manner. As soon as Merchak and Kutai saw this they took off running in utter fear of having the same fate BUT Kal wasn't letting them get off that easy., he with frog-like hopping ability hopped on top of Kutais shoulders.
    Get the **** off me you freak!!! Kutai cried struggling to get Kal off.
    Yet he said nothing he simply growled as he grabbed Kutai by his face and used his hands to open up his mouth. Then it was all over, he with primal urges and his freakish strength ripped Kutais face and jaw apart making parts of his face, jaw and blood fly everywhere and the rest of his body dropped lifeless. He didn't stop to rest he immediately gave pursuit to Merchak as soon as he caught up to him he grabbed him by his ankles and slung him to the ground like a ragdoll. Before he could get back up Kal mounted on top of him and began to ruthlessly beat him senseless with his fists moving in rapid fire for one purpose to KILL. After ten minutes of blows Merchak was dead to the world and Kal licked his hands with his blood on it.

    Once the three were dead Kal became to come back to his senses back to his normal self and he looked around him and saw the horror of what he did and a bound Maya sitting on the ground with tears coming down her eyes at the sight she just witnessed. He walked over to her and free'd her and held her close to him.
    I'm fine I'm fine but Kal thank you so much thank you those guys were gonna….Maya said with tears coming out of her eyes but stopped her sentence.
    I…I…I don' t know--Kal began until darkness overtook him into unconscienceness.
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    what do ya'll think?
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    this was very nicely done and the continue beat from pt.2 and 1