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    Conscienceness slowly began to creep back into his system as he fluttered his weary and exhausted eyes open.
    Hmmm where am I? Kal wondered to himself as his eyes completely opened.
    He sniffed the air and it smelt of to his sense a mixture of peaches and nectar and he was layed out on his back in what appeared to be a huge red and orange plant and his back,arms and legs had bandages wrapped around them but before he could rise himself up a pair of gentle yet strong hands held him back down.
    No you shouldn't try to get back up yet …I mean are you ok Kal? Maya asked worried.
    Maya…I'm so glad your alright I thought I was gonna lose you back there, Kal admitted.
    She then rubbed her gently hands across Kals right cheek.
    Don't worry Kal you won't lose me, Maya assured with a smile as she playfully pinched his right cheek.
    Look at Maya cakin! Another female voice laughed along with two others.
    Shut up! Maya laughed back.
    In walked three females that were close friends to Maya. They were Tara,Esmera,and Chiyah. Tara was about 5'5, medium toned, had long brown wavy hair with beautiful brown eyes and an athletic build. Esmera was the same height as Maya, she has exotic features with her extremely rare purple colored eyes, juicy moist lips, and long jet black spirally hair and had an *** almost as phat as Maya, and Chiyah was 5'9,dark skinned and not a trace of ash on her body, with a huge curly afro that was like a halo over her head and pretty features, she had by far the thickest legs of the three as if she had the legs of a stallion.
    Oooh so this is Kal, Esmera noticed as she looked Kal up and down.
    Yep this is him, Kal these are my best friends Tara,Esmera and Chiyah and girls this is Kal, Maya introduced with a smile.
    Whtas up ya'll, Kal smiled.
    Hi Kal!! The three girls giggled with flirty waves.
    Kal laughed on the inside because they reminded him a lot of Maya.
    By the way everybody where am I exactly? Kal asked.
    Oh your at the home of our amazon tribe, Tara answered.
    Hmmm not quite what I'm used to, Kal joked as he looked around the place.
    Kal then tried to stand up but sat back down as he felt the tightness and extreme soreness in his shoulders,back and legs.
    Sh**....cramps, Kal said to himself.

    Don't worry Kal we're gonna make you all better, girls get the nectar! Maya smiled devilishly.
    Nectar? Kal said puzzled.
    Oh you'll see, Maya snickered.
    Tara,Esmera and Chiyah then dipped their hands in a bed of flowers and covered their hands with nectar and approached Kal.
    Just relax Kal and let us handle this, Maya commanded.
    Sure I'm down with that, Kal said nervously.
    Maya then covered her hands with nectar from a plant beside her and they began to process.
    She then began by massaging her hands slowly up and down Kals shoulders with great professionalism and Esmera began to rub her hands gently up and down Kals abdomen, Tara began to rub and massage Kals thighs smoothly and Chiyah was rubbing and massaging Kals feet.
    I think I'm gonna enjoy this, Kal snickered in his thoughts.
    Maya deeped her touch on Kal and his eyes suddenly began to roll in the back of his head once they really got into it leaving him in an indescribable feeling of ecstasy.
    How do you feel Kal, Maya seductively whispered in his ear.
    Like all the worries in the world are gone as if its so hard to describe, Kal whispered back.
    Esmera continued to rub his abdomen up and down and slowly worked her way up to the chest doing something with her hands to cause great pleasure to the host and this made Kal wanna scream out in pure ecstasy but no sound came out but moaning noises.

    After about thirty minutes of the girls massaging exercise Kal was up and back to his feet but with a slight feeling of hornyness still in him and he looked beyond the layers of vines and flowers surrounding them and saw what appeared to be a utopia full of nothing but sexy,exotic,beautiful jungle women.
    Wowwww, Kal said in awe of what he saw.
    Pretty big place and active place huh, Maya said.
    It really is Maya, Kal agreed.
    Maya then began to gently rub her hands through Kals rough hair.
    Hmmmmm Kal can you do me a favor? Maya asked.
    Uhhhh sure why not, Kal answered.
    Is it ok if we do some stuff to your hair, Maya said with a snicker.
    Kal then had a funny feeling about this in his head.
    Sure ok its alright with me, Kal answered.
    Then all of the sudden all four of the girls grabbed Kal.
    In that case we've got somebody for you to see, Maya laughed.
    Uh oh, Kal thought to himself.

    Ten minutes later Kal was sitting in a hovel which belonged to a hair expert named Jazara. Jazara was about 5'4, long red curly hair with beautiful exotic features and a short but thick shape to her.
    Hmmmm what do we have here? Jazara wondered.
    His names Kal and I was wondering if maybe you could style his hair? Maya pleaded.
    Jazara the looked Kal up and down and then began to feel through his hair and with a slight unnecessary roughness.
    Hmmmm I know the perfect hairstyle for this man, Jazara smirked.
    What ya got in mind? Maya asked outta curiosity.
    Oh you'll see, Jazara grinned.
    Kal then began to wonder what he had gotten himself into.
    First lets wash his hair we want to do this process with fresh well conditioned hair first ladies, Jazara said.
    The girls then began to pour buckets of cold water over Kals head as they applied some mix of Jazaras used to condition the hair out his head and they began to wash it as if he was a baby.
    Don't you worry Kal your gonna thank us after this, Maya giggled.
    We'll see, Kal snickered as his hair was washed.
    After about ten minutes Kals hair was dryed and ready for Jazaras idea.
    Girls get me a comb and some Beeswax! Jazara commanded.
    Maya and her three friends then looked to their right to a pot of beeswax sapped fresh from a bees nest down west and grabbed a thick comb.
    Girls watch my hands work their magic, Jazara declared.
    She then with angelic precision and accuracy began to part Kals hair into parts.
    One of you help me hold his hair apart while I twist it with the beeswax, Jazara commanded.
    I bet their all just enjoying this, Kal thought to himself.
    Oh don't you worry Jazara does only the best when it comes to hair so don't you worry your wild lil head ni--gga, Jazara seductively whispered in Kals ear as she fiddled with his hair.
    This soothed Kal and calmed him down as his eyes closed and the girls did what they wanted with him.

    Wakey wakey Kal, Maya said as she gently shook Kals shoulder.
    Despite all the hair pulling and twisting he had one of the most peaceful sleeps hes ever had.
    Behold Kal, Jazara said as she pointed to a small body of water to the side.
    Go look in it, Maya said as she playfully pushed Kal into that direction. He then slowly peaked his head up to the water and see his reflection.
    Oh my…Kal uttered in surprise at what he saw.
    He looked into his reflection and saw on his head thick,shiny dreadlocks flowing down to shoulder length and he began to feel on them flippin them up and down to examine them.
    What are they? Kal asked outta curiosity.
    Their dreadlocks boo, Maya answered.
    Dreadlocks? Kal said confused.
    Matted hair that's twisted up but don't worry the way I did them you can't untwist them anytime you want to, Jazara said in brief words.
    I don't think he likes'em, Esmera thought aloud.
    To their surprise….
    THANK YOU MAYA! Kal thanked as he gave her a big hug lifting her up and spinning her round and round.
    Uhhh…heh heh heh heh your very welcome Kal, Maya laughed.
    Hey I was the one who did all the work, Jazara smirked.
    Kal then kept Maya in his arms and hugged the both of them at the same time squeezing out of joy.
    Uhhh…'re a strong one aren't ya, Jazara laughed.
    Maybe I can make this work hmmmm, Kal thought to himself forgetting to let go of the two girls even as they began to lose breath.

    to be continued
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    It seems that Kal has been both pampered and strenghtened at the same time. You did well painting this picture of paradise, what's next in store for Kal and Maya?
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    continue on please nice story ....on to pt.5
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