Black Money Business Jobs : Black unemployment is at a record low. But there's a lot more to the story

Unemployment statistics are also different in different parts of the country. Some parts of the country have less industry and less growth. In predominately black communities, in which there may be less industries, business savvy blacks can step out and create black businesses that employ blacks, to improve the statistics, in that community. Otherwise, it may be necessary for black youth to move to other communities, where there are more jobs, so that they can be employed. And, everyone needs to be cognizant of the need to be educated in fields where there is a demand, like healthcare and tech. In some "in demand" fields, there is only a need for a two-year associate's degree. Sometimes people just need to step out of their "comfort" zone to move from unemployment to employment.
... Otherwise, it may be necessary for black youth to move to other communities, where there are more jobs, so that they can be employed.

Tech companies not hiring African Americans: National Urban League
Jesse J. Holland | Associated Press

... The National Urban League is highlighting this new technology gap in its 2018 State of Black America report released Thursday, and pushing social media and technology companies to put in place safeguards and corporation solutions to make sure minorities don’t get left behind in the digital revolution.

In the 2018 State of Black America report released Thursday by the National Urban League, tech companies are not hiring blacks. "C-suite executives of tech firms publicly espouse the gospel of racial and gender diversity and inclusion, but these spaces do not reflect our nation's demographic diversity," said Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League. | Sun-Times file photo

Isn't unemployment counted by the number of active recipients on the unemployment roll? At some point, people on the list who don't get re-hired, eventually drop off and are no longer counted. So the drop in unemployment numbers for Blacks is not necessarily something to celebrate without seeing an increase in the number of Blacks being hired. Is my understanding of this correct or wrong? :thinking:

Like it or hate it, affirmative action laws/regulations are still in play for companies that receive federal financial assistance. Closer scrutiny of hiring policies and hiring practices in companies, including tech companies, needs to be done. Emphasis in higher education institutions these days is placed on recruiting and enrolling more women (usually white) in the STEM disciplines. Some support programs within these institutions continue to struggle to get sufficient resources to recruit and enroll more Black and Brown students. Brown student numbers are growing while Black student numbers are flat or shrinking. Parents and teachers of K-12 students need to strongly/actively develop more Black youth by directing them to STEM courses and continuing that path in college. Black communities need to help offset the cost of college education of our youth by investing in their futures and understanding ROI.

What do you all think?
I believe African Americans should think of owning their own busnesses. For too long black have focused on working for others. People who have no interest in their welfare. They are briliant and educated. Instead of leaving college and going to work for the large companies they need to think about their people and leave a legacy for their black brothers and sisters. This will mean that black must support each other. Black must pool together their resources snce the banking system is not favourable to them. Unless this is done we will continue to be fighting the racist companies. Do we intend to allow the next 25 to see us complaining about racism.


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