Pets / Animals : Black - The Most Beautiful Rottweiler in the World!

Geeez Miss Destee. Your hammer is smashing into my skull at 3 smashes per second. I timed it. Can you spare a brother a deuce for a crate of extra Strength Tylenol?

BTW: Any decision on that GIF thing? No rush.

I have not gotten to the GIF ... you know i'm old ... right ... :chair:

You young whipper snappers be goin' so fast ... :whee:

If I can do the GIF thing, I will.

I am so behind, but you know what ... I always have been ... :pc:

Some things never change ... :)

Rest here till your head stops hurt'n ... :injured: ... :hearts1:

Love You!


Young whipper snapper am I? I could only wish, well 2 out of 3 ain't bad, I am a whipper and a snapper. The only time I'll ever be young again is in my second life if GOD so grants me that wish. Maybe it's not called a gif, it's sorta like what some of the members like Mr. C, Old Soul and the member who has the pink beating heart have on their profiles, pictures that move kind of. Thanks, always a pleasure and enjoy your night.

The above is too precious ... whipper and snapper ... :lol:

I will find what you're referencing and make it happen.

Don't give up on me.

Love You!


Hi Sister NNQueen ... :wave: ... I LOVE YOU !!!!! ... :love:

He is a special Black Rottweiller ... :)

You wanna know his whole name?


Sister ... I aint clean'n up poo (anymore) ... at first yes, I cried .. but shoot ... he eats like a man! :)

I shole be thinking ... Black needs a job ... :look:

Basically ... the back yard is his.

I got rubber boots to wear out there ... we iz not play'n in deze skreets ... :)

Is sell'n dog poo a job? ... :)

I LOVE QUEEEEEEEENIE ... :kiss: :love: :kiss:


Loving the name...LOL Tell me this...does he answer to it when you call him? Wow, a dog with swag...



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