Black Poetry : Black - Tell me about your BLACK


Jul 2, 2003
Black: The base color of all design
Black: The skin color of mine:10200:
Black: How I feel. My mood sometimes
Black: Like the room. When I don’t pay my electric bill
Black: Like when you left me. Standing with my heart and broken love on a lonely hill
Black: Follows the day, its called night.
Black: Like when I close my eyes,

I have no fear of
Black: The color that I'll always be
Black: The color of the midnight sea
Black: The color seen when my mind is quiet
Black: The color after Thanksgiving when retailers
say, "Please buy it!"
Black: The color often seen with red and green
Black: The color of a cold computer screen

Black is often equated with evil, but the word actually describes so much, so well... I loved this.
I was there in the beginning.

From the "Black Womb" of the Universe
emerged my Sun, my Moon and my Stars.
Or as they say:
"In the beginning was darkness and
from the darkness came the light"

My diamond started it's life in the
form of black coal under pressure in
the darkness of my earth.

My melanine is black with the ability to
transform energy, light, sound, heat and life.

To complete my essence, it is within the darkness
of my own womb that I bring forth life to compliment and
extend my own being as the original
Black Mother of all that lives...
Often imitated but never duplicated.​


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