Black People : Black Supremacy

it all depends on your meaning of supremecy.

I suspect that blacks have genetic differences, for example you will never see a white Randy Moss,or Floyd Mayweather Jr.or Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, never be a white Aretha Franklin or Flo JO!. Thats not a hateful statement, it's just reality.

So I do not believe any other people should be treated in a white supremecist maner by blacks. But IMO blacks do possess genetic physical and mental superority. Does that mean we are indestructable?obviously not, but that does cause one to wonder why they never pair two blacks together on dancing with stars!!! or cause one to wonder why they implemented arule that blacks were excluded the QB position in the NFL,you see now that superior atheleticism has made the white QB adying breed.just look at college foot ball!
Jazzytude said:
If you have a heart like mine and bleed the same color blood than you are human...but my past guides me and evidently whites think we are a threat!!!

Animals bleed the same color blood as you.

If you really look at it from a scientifical standpoint, Blacks and whites are different. The superiority of melanin and the fact that Blacks are high in this chemical obviously shows a difference. However just like everyone else said

Black supremacy does not exist in a sense. If you look through history and see where conscious Blacks ruled you see that this form of rulership is superior because people are not oppressed to build wealth. So I guess the rulership of conscious Blacks is superior. Just my opinion.
istlota said:
Are blacks superior to whites?

Does Black Supremacy exist?

And, if it does, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Yes, blacks are superior to whites.

No, black supremacy does not exist.


black people, in this day and age, are not in a position to be a supremicist. We are supreme beings, however, we are not the systematic "shot callers" right now if u will.....

If it did exist... no, it would not be a good thing...

what makes us supreme is that as rulers our intent IMO would not to be to enslave....

white supremists try to take away freewill....

freewill is the natural order of things...

what's good then... the truth... the truth is what's good...


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