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In view of your posting to other threads, it is noticeable that you are neglecting posting back to this particular thread. Maybe this could be an oversight, I am certainly interested in the intent of this thread, if that is not the case with others.
Are blacks superior to whites?

Does Black Supremacy exist?

And, if it does, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

These questions are contextually similar to one I saw in another forum. It queried whether black hatred of whites was productive. Such a question, I believe, without establishing the existence of a generalized hatred of blacks for whites, attempts to analyze that thesis by presuming a foundation.

Racial Supremacy is the advocation of one group's inherent superiority over another based on their racial or ethnic differences. So far as I know, it has never been a generalized or established order among early African Civilizations. Diop, while demonstrably illuminating the historical eras of pinnacles of "black power", never made allusions that would suggest a similarity between its social organization then, and that of its counterparts in latter times. In fact George Jackson's, "Africa the cradle of Human civilization" contain quotes from Arabs, Greeks et al who extolled the fairness and balance they discovered during their sojourns among blacks.

Emphatically no, "Black Supremacy does not exist". To entertain this suggestion, is to equate the expressive response of some fringe black groups to centuries of oppression, with the smothering and pervasive institutionalzed system in existence. To me, it is much like the reverse racism concept put forward to counter balance centuries of instituntionalized marginalization of the black peoples of this world.

Since "black supremacy", for me, is an oxymoronic concept, whether it is good or bad is moot. Are blacks superior to whites? What yardstick are we using to measure this superiority? As it stands the question is quite ambiguous. If we apply the spiritual standards for human wholeness recommended by practioner members of this forum, would'nt it be natural to rate blacks above whites in terms of superiority. Because if I am not mistaken or reading it wrong, it all boils down to ones "human-ness and interactive relationship with the "Supreme Being". Surely the group who spent more than four centuries under the yolk of the other group, and who, despite the horrible experience of that relationship proceeded to forgive and extend a supplicating hand of fellowship, would have a leg up on the other in terms of spiritual superiority. Especially when after four hundred years significant portions of the domineering group still entertain a similar pattern of thinking as their predecessors. I mean I can find a lot of meat to make this case.

Look, I do not subscribe to any concept of group supremacy or group superiority. I do not even subscribe to individual superiority, because the ones making that judgement are usually the beneficiaries of such judgement. Everyone and his brother, after emersing themslves in some discipline or the other, invariably conclude that experience gives them more wisdom or an advantaged view of the world denied to others. I am a very practical person, favouring the experiential learning derived from a one mile journey in another's moccassin so to speak, before the second hand interpretation of what is and what should.
In the Spirit of Sankofa!

To: Destee, MetaSaience, MenNefer, jamesfrmphilly, kemetkind,Keita and toma,

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