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jamesfrmphilly said:
what is your worldview?


It is hard to tell when you are playing around and when you are serious! Please understand my right to reserve answering your question on the afore-mentioned basis, and so as not to defeat the purpose of this thread.

You asked a question of me based on what I made in response to istlola's post. It would not be on focus for me to entertain your question and thus would distract from the discussion, by going off topic, as well as showing total disrespect to the thread starter!

istlota said:
Are blacks superior to whites?
No. The whole concept of race is a farce in the first place.

istlota said:
Does Black Supremacy exist?
No, not anymore than "white" supremacy does. Like Metasaience implies...Black Santa is a fake too.

istlota said:
And, if it does, is it a good thing or a bad thing?
It doesn't. If it did, it would be bad.
This is an interesting thread....and for only one reason. There was a time when according to our definition, black supremacy did exist. Now, being that this is a historical fact, those of us who study history need to come forth and speak about how it was when "Black Supremacy" did exist. In other words, how were our people when we were on top? According to the records of all people we were 1. "World Respected". In saying that we need to ask ourselves "why were they world respected"? The history of the so called Greeks and Romans and other does not record our ancestors as negative people. In fact, a review of their so called writings call our ancestors the most knowledgeable, the most divine, the most honorable, the most just and the most beautiful.

What does this mean? It means that our people must have been extending themselves in terms of teaching, of giving, of sharing and of enhancing the life giving skills of those that we came in contact with on a global basis. It means that our ancestors were not about physical domination and exploitation of those that they came into contact with. It means that we also made a mistake in terms of thinking that everyone we came into contact with and taught were those who would be grateful. Instead there were those who would begin the plotting of our own down fall. It means that those we took as being "HUMANE" were not as we took them to be....which is why we are where and how we are today.

What it actually means is that, according to our present day definition of "SUPREMACY" there was no such thing and there is still no such thing. What it means is that, our people in the past or the present were not about and are still not about the "CONTROL" of others for "OUR OWN WELFARE, WELL BEING OR SURVIVAL". This has never been the African way and still isn't. So in terms of "HOW WE SEE THE WORD SUPREMACY, IT DIDN'T EXIST. However, if we are to be realistic, it existed not as "Black Supremacy" but as Human Supremacy". Why? Because according to the records our people were about the development and growth of the "Human Being" regardless of where they were. Check the records for yourself!!! Know Who We Were and Who We Are, NOT HOW WE WERE MADE TO BE!!!!!


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