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istlota said:
Are blacks superior to whites?

Does Black Supremacy exist?

And, if it does, is it a good thing or a bad thing?


The answers would depend upon the person's particular worldview!

istlota said:
Are blacks superior to whites?

Does Black Supremacy exist?

And, if it does, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

According to Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr., supremacy is determined by who controls the universe at the end of the day.

It can be a good thing, if that supremacy is used to create justice, insuring the one who needs the most help, receives it.

Unfortunately, supremacy is not used that way right now, so it is bad thing.


That is a very good question Istlota. I remember seeing a video with Dr.Cheikh Anta Diop where he gives reference to a period in history he called "African Imperialism" or the part in history where the ball was in our court so to speak.

Now "Black Supremacy" is a concept that needs to be shuffled around by the proper Academics until we can find a good standing ground for it's use. You see, Superior people aren't usually as concerned with if you or I see them that way or not. It is only those who have no real power who are more involved in the cosmetics of power. Dr. Amos Wilson mentions that Black people should be in pursuit of power and not ashamed to do so. I agree.

However, we must also re-program what we believe power is, and how it is achieved. So far, we are using White people as our teachers. And this is why we have so many of us sitting around speaking about other Non-White and Non-Black Races on the Earth as our inferiors. This is White psychology at it's best. True Superiority is told through history. For example, no matter what Whites have achieved, none of that will matter if and when they die off from the planet. Because only the story matters.

What has the story of African people told us to far? We've been conquered several times, by Arabs, by Whites, by each other- but we are still here. What race on the planet has endured this long and this strong? Our lessons in power should come from nature itself. Our tolerance for the environment by itself proves what and who we are. But when our lessons in power come from psychotic people, we convert ourselves into psychotic thinkers. What has happened in Rwanda, and what is happening in part of Africa is part of this type of thinking. What is happening in our own communities is part of this type of thinking. I'm not saying Africans can't be barbaric, but are we barbaric? Africans have spread culture throughout the middle east and Asia, we have inspired every piece of heritage and tradition the world has to offer.

It has to be because we are the "operating manuals" for the planet, and our nature, hair and skin color helps other cultures to recognized this. If you see an Animal with long legs and a long neck, it's level of "supremacy" is obviously not in potatoes. It's only the White race that teaches such things, which leads us to an abandonment of our subconscious intelligence. Whereas now, we are Giraffes breaking our backs trying to be like the potato picking White race. Reach higher. Only balance can rule. Those who rule outside of balance always fail. Those who try to gain power on the backs of others will always fall.

"Black Supremacy" sounds too much like "Black Santa." Just a darker version of a negative experience. If the pendulum should swing in the direction of African power again, we will have to know how to hold it there, and perhaps this entire experience with the White race is here to teach us. We will have to learn to treat other Races on the Earth in the same manner we want to be treated. A Good Ruler knows how to delicate his or her power, it is the collective sharing and experience of power and responsibility that helps us to understand that we are not "Masters" over one another. A true Master doesn't require your approval of his or hers position.

But I could be wrong....


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