Africa : Black Sumer: The African Origins of Civilisation

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    The Sumerian Problem HAS BEEN SOLVED! And the solution is African!

    According to mainstream historians the Sumerians of ancient southern Iraq founded the world's first civilization. They are supposed to have spoken a language which is not genetically related to any known language. This is known as the Sumerian Problem. This book represents the greatest discovery in ancient history for the last hundred years. It demonstrates that Sumerian was genetically related to the Niger-Congo languages of West Africa. Their descendants are the African Diaspora of North and South America and the Caribbean.

    Many claimed to have solved the Sumerian problem in the past. Hermstein's differs from previous attempts by first showing the reader how to identify genetically related languages through recurrent sound correspondences in basic vocabulary. He then gives examples from acknowledged genetic relationships such as Germanic to show the reader what the evidence should look like. The author also shows what false correspondences look like and how to tell the difference. He also makes use of a number of tests that would determine whether languages are related using probability. This is CLEARLY UNLIKE ANY PREVIOUS ATTEMPT at solving the Sumerian problem.

    The author reconstructs the epic voyage that took the ancestors of the Sumerians from a homeland in West Africa to Djibouti before making a journey by sea, around Oman and to the head of the Persian Gulf.

    The other major discovery in the book is that the Sumerians had a much more advanced system of astronomy than has been supposed. The constellations had geographic associations in the Classical period through myth. Hermstein shows how the geographic coordinates of the associated places closely correspond to the celestial coordinates of certain points within the constellations. It is impossible to develop such a system without knowing the earth is round. The text supplying the point of origin for the system of geo-celestial coordinate correspondence is from the Sumerian period.

    Two amazing discoveries in one book. Both humanity and civilization have an African origin! The ancients knew a lot more than we realized!
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    What a truly superb post, I am going to add this book to my archive of books that are highlighting just how very very great the ancestors were with regard to contributing to humanity in general [have you got “Blacks in Science” & “They Came Before Columbus-The African Presence in Ancient America” both edited by Dr Ivan van Sertima, and “Nile Valley Contributions to Civilisation” by Anthony T Browder], the birth of technical civilisation/culture, specifically?

    How many people in general, people of African ethnicity specifically KNOW that Egypt (the first technical civilisation) from foundation to Pyramid building was an African, [Negro/Black] Culture, i.e. from Pharaoh to ordinary citizen? These brilliant people were the first to define the concept of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years); as well as the methods of accurately measuring it.

    African scientists in the Nile valley were the first to define that a year would be 365 and a quarter days long, thus more than 3000 B.C. they had already deduced and utilised the fact that the Earth is orbiting the sun and precisely calculated exactly how long it takes to do one orbit. Europe’s scientists did not catch up with this knowledge until the 15th/16th century.

    Europeans were so convinced that the Earth was the flat centre of the solar system to such a degree that they would put to death as heretics anyone who told them the TRUTH [with regard to the Earth being a rotating sphere orbiting around the sun as opposed to vice versa], whereas don’t they always try to project and promote themselves now as the universal font of all knowledge?

    The original Nubian/Egyptian calendar comprised of twelve 30 day months, with 5 (6 every fourth year) festival days at the end of the year. Compared to the chaotic copies European White Supremacists have made of this concept, projected as their own and inflicted on the planet (can you remember how many days each month now has, I never can); don’t these facts classically epitomise and highlight exactly why the original African [Negro/Black]Egyptian calendar format is easily the best [most accurate and practical]?

    In research Lloyd Quarterman, one of the top nuclear scientists was part of the Manhattan Project (they produced the World’s first atomic bomb), when asked/interviewed by Dr Ivan van Sertima if there were any other African American scientists on that project; he replied “Yes there were six of us”.

    He would not identify them as he had taken an oath of secrecy; and it is very obvious that our White Supremacist Racist elite/status quo, would never publicly admit that African Americans made such important contributions to the development of nuclear weapons.

    Charles Drew pioneered the current method of preserving and storing blood and literally established the World’s first blood bank, without this genius’s innovation modern surgery could never have advanced to where it is today. Operations like the first open-heart surgery as performed by Dr Daniel Hale Williams, would not be the routine procedures they are today as they frequently involve the use of 20 pints or more of blood.

    James E. West is known for inventing the Electroacoustic Transducer/modern microphone which received patent number 3118022 on January 14, 1964 and has over 200 patents. He was inducted into the inventor's hall of fame in 1999.

    David Hedgely is the "Father of 3D computer Graphics" as he deduced the very complex algorithm necessary for graphics to function in the “z”/3rd axis/depth as very very advanced level Mathematical theorems are both his forte and real passion.

    Concluding, we must now focus on using our creativity in the re-development of Africa and the African Diaspora, because Africa is literally killing itself (with the aid of White Supremacists Racists and their treacherous Negro/Black [as opposed to conscious African] lackeys and parasites of many hues).

    It is our responsibility to organise ourselves (especially our leaders) into the cohesive social, political, and financial groups required to initially feed ourselves, providing the platform from which we can industrialise, thus creating the possibility of the long term beneficial development in our countries within the Global Economy.

    The Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Malaysians, Indonesians & Indians) have made considerable progress in this area, despite ongoing attempts at socio economic manipulation/strangulation by the IMF, World Band/the West, thus isn’t it obvious that if we get our act together by organising our families, communities, towns/countries far more intelligently than we have to date, in the 21st century we can succeed too?
    Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
    graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?