Black People : "Black Stats" Author Monique Morris

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    Out of 40 million blacks _ 8,000,000 million blacks have college degrees.
    That would be 20% of the population. How many are working within their degree of study or their degrees advanced them in America. A degree here is predicated on the pressures of commerce, with Asia Japan in particular.

    In order to speak or do business with Japanese Executive, American companies have to place PHD degreed individuals to represent, speak and represent. Based on the truth and fact that America's education system around the world is known to be lacking, weak and inferior in it's teachings, and helping or assuring the student grasps the sciences and math. In Asia the concept is not cloaked in mystery. It is shown in it's practicality and it is learned and retained.

    America could care less if a degree is conferred onto anyone. Years ago if you graduated high school. You could go to work in industry, like our parents did. I have a commendation letter of an example where this individual is brought in without a degree into a good job, high level position or management by a reference letter. Stating John is a honest citizen and a hard worker.