Black People : Black Social Network = You Gotta Spend Money

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Destee, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Peace and Blessings Family,

    There are a few threads here talking about starting a Black Social Network, the challenges of it, why we don't have this now, what will it take to get it ... so on and so forth ... as if we aint rite here, rite now ... providing that very thing.

    What would a social network have, that we don't have?

    What is a social network?

    What social network was on the scene, before the term social network was first uttered?

    What Black site survived the dot com boom, crash, and digital divide ... though tattered, torn, and worn?

    What is that which you use right now ... ... chopped liver ... ??

    Folk talk all around this topic, on a site that's been here 13 years, providing this very service.

    All of this, while the vast majority will not put a single dollar on the table, to help.

    How can we have anything, under these conditions?

    Yall tell me ... cause i'm lost.