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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief elder Osiris

Beloved, what is your motivation for having so much confidence in America, not inside of America, but faith, belief, and hope in America, so much so until you dare not question the chicken in every pot and the work hard and get you an education, you can become anything you want to become, again, not need but want, a selfish indication without a thought of what you need.

Now, allow me to share this with you, I do not have any delusions about America, therefore I never will advocate an effort to over throw the present Governing system of America, hell, this is the system white Folks built for themselves and made it plain to Black People that they did not establish this American System of governing for Black people, the only place we registered in America as a Being, is being America Property and their Spirit ( Attitude, Behavior ) Have not changed up to this day, regardless of how Black People attempt to erect a false premise to believe, here in America, because the Real Premise of America is that America is a Racist and Prejudice, Unjustified that it is, a system of governing, when it come to Black People treatment in America.

Beloved, every time we Black so call Afrikans act on the false premise we have established for ourselves in America, we set ourselves in a caste of time that Blind us from Seeing the true Nature of the Premise America has established for the thieves and robbers that created the United States Of America and America most certainly was not created for your Black behind to be treated Justly and Respectfully in America, United states.

Black Womb Gender, Staff gender, living in close proximity to white folks does not in fact change your biological composition, the only thing about your Black behind that can be changed too, and be made to resemble white People, happen to be the way that you process your Thoughts, a process that you Black People have transformed into a belief System, a pattern of Mental exercise that does not require for you to think, just believe all that you are told in Life, your Black Life, whether it be about GOD, the Universe, Or/And your Black Selves, because when you are in a Mind-Set to Believe, you expose your Mind to be told anything the programmers are conditioning you to Believe, so what you do as Black so call Afrikan Americans, you proceed to establish a False Premise for yourselves about America and will be willing to die and go wherever in defense of the False Premise you have set in your belief system about America, and you wonder why we black People are the laughing stock by everybody that is somebody upon this planet ?

Have you ever notice how the Black so call Afrikan Americans, attempt to justify the false premise they have established in their belief system about America and is so quick to use what white folks have taught you to use, when defending your Human Being behavior toward America, how the black so call Afrikan Americans use such sentinces, stating America is the greatest country in the world ? and I say, Sure, for White folks, and the Afrikan American say, if you do not Like what America is doing for you, then why are you here, why don't you just leave ? and I say, I will Leave when those responsible for me being here respect me enough to send me back to where they stole my parents from and not without the respect for all that our Enslaved Ancestors have done to cause America to become the United states of America, and that respect hinge upon the Reparation that is owed by America to our Enslaved Ancestors, and you black so call Afrikan Americans say, well you are a fool if you believe that this white Man is going to give Reparation to you, mind you now, not one time have I indicated that Reparation is owed to the children of the Middle Passage, but that is how the Black so call Afrikan American has been conditioned to believe and understand about Reparation, and further more, when Black so call Afrikan Americans state that the White Man is not about to pay Reparation, what you are doing is verifying an evil Lying deceiving White Man attitude and behavior toward you Black Americans, it is you whom have made a unconscious believing choice to stay in close proximity to America White folks, and such a decision is made by a believing Black so call Afrikan, who has established a false premise about America, to the self of the Black so call Afrikan Americans.

With the false premise that the Afrikan Americans have established about America, you live a life guided by an American behavior that cause you to be a obvious enemy to Afrika and the Unity of Black Afrikan People, because the premise that guide and motivate your life is based upon Want and belief, two principles that are an enemy to the Divine Reality Concept of Need and Knowing, which has been paralyzed in the Mind of make believe, the black so call Afrikan American mind.

Beloved, here is another question statement the Afrikan Americans love to ask, which is, why should I believe you, what make you believe that you are the only one with the only Truth and solution to black people problems and I say, beloved, you have the opportunity to believe what ever you Want to believe but one thing is undeniable and it is that what you have been believing so far, has not worked TO THE GREATER GOOD for Afrika and the Black world and that which I share, I maintain to be the Divine Truth and you can not intelligently refute what I share until you have tried it and found it not to be what Black people Need and yes, there is only ONE DIVINE TRUTH, yet the Afrikan American is to bogged down in their false Premise about America until such a position prevent the Afrikan American from becoming totally Objective when involving America and America history regarding Black people and you say People and Things change, and I say Yes, and for whose betterment, if you do not play a major role in the changing process.

Black so call Afrikans are to caught up in wanting to be entertained, even when Freedom is concerned, and it is the Black so call Afrikan Americans who are to caught up in their False Premise of America, to be able to Divinely see what has happen to a once Divine Black Nation, and to be pissed off about it

The Afrikan Americans love to measure Black people behavior by white folks religious standards, as if we Black people never had a Way of Life that was Divine and you say that I hate White People, I do not hate White People, I hate what certain Class of White People have done to us Black people and that is a normal reaction.

The White People behavior I hate are those that are in Power of decision Making and those white People even consider a certain class of their own White People to be worth no more than collateral Damage when they are in hot pursuit of what they want and you tell me I must Love all White People, what for, is it to please Jesus, how pitiful we black People have become, all wrapped up in our false premise about America.

Beloved, to Love is a Mind-Set and if your Mind is not at ease with someone then how can you Truthfully say with Divine Meaning that you love someone who has done nothing but used and abuse you, and is to evil minded to say that they are sorry and prove their sorrow by doing what is just for the Victims of their Evil mind,without that Evil Mind determining what its capitulation should be to the victims of their evil.

Love, I Love Those That Love Me And It Must Be With Deeds And Not Only Words, so have white folks up to this day, earned Black folks Love, forget about Jesus Love, I am talking about Nature Love, a Love that is verified by Attitude and Behavior, the Spiritual Expression of your Mind.

Be Kind

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation
Quote:Chief Elder Osiris: Black so call Afrikans are to caught up in wanting to be entertained, even when Freedom is concerned, and it is the Black so call Afrikan Americans who are to caught up in their False Premise of America, to be able to Divinely see what has happen to a once Divine Black Nation, and to be pissed off about :bullseye:

The non-immigrant black man and woman alike have been "treated" with a tourniquet, the wound though ancient, is still fresh. The flow has been staunched, we are no longer bleeding! Triage anesthesized our trauma, it is my hope that 'hope' can inspire us to choose, truth, greater awareness, and justice!
WE are impervious to our condition, overjoyed with gratitude at the racist first aid. Your lament concerning our condition has been heard....I hope?

The Struggle Continues! Peace!


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