Black Poetry : Black Smoke


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Through da dust and da basic
mental mindz like smokin aces
shootin wordz taken spaces
killin da thoughts of any thing racist

Our voices strong in black power
we now spit lyrics like an hot shower
yet we are smooth and a beautiful flower
crossin history building this greater tower

Poetry will forever live
from what poet's heart truely give
as we continue to spill deep
wit da lines dat's awesome & unique

We no longer characteristic of our place
it's through da goodness and such grace
in this system of multi wicked face
we flow to canvas givin da world a taste

See i'm a black smoker
not some ole lyrical joker
line by line my mind da stroker
cause i am da answer
Black smoke handz down

AllRights Reserved 2010
Nu`wave Ink creation
Da $R
Black Smoke II (Da-Heat)

Tormented souls of colour stain
destructional mixture all we claim
slaved mind set upon our brain
hated emotions our spirit aim
then we sang and sang !

Pointed fingers how we blame
crossing our own too many to name
refuse to accept fault, so we shame
no way in black smoke we can tame
hot / heated words cross da plains

Yet we fail to be a people so it rain
black smoke destroyer sho nuff lame
from da shadows will confussion last
will we see clearly our ancestors past
the teaching or will continue to wear this mask
black smoke people is kickin us into this dash


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