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Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by BallOfConfusion, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Quick how many all black sitcoms/dramas can you name that are one air now? In the past when I was a little younger, UPN used to be the station for all slightly corny black tv shows. But I loved them, I still love them-it was a chance for me to see people like myself on tv.

    How many black sitcoms can you name that have been canceled? Urr...A lot
    Half & Half (Ulimate favorite)
    My Wife & Kids
    Bernie Mac Show
    One on One
    As Of Us
    Eve...Just 2 Name a few.

    My issue is with the CW Network. They cut off Girlfriends which had an 8 year run and moved all the other black sitcoms to Sunday... Sunday is not really a day to air a show, Sunday is more like re-run day. This network has absolutely no promotion for this show. Black night as we have always known it has been moved around all of our shows disappear with no warning what is the deal????? No the only black sitcoms I know of now are The Game, Everybody Hates Chris,.....Lmao think thats it O yea Lincoln Heights if it's still on. I support all these shows cause they are good and I like to see black people on tv. and get super pissed, cause I don't feel like they get any kind of promotion at all. Do you think it's the quality of the shows? Lol Maybe Oprah can get some of these shows on her network.
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    I watched that new show on upn with Flavor flav in it. It was like watching a very bad car accident. The show gets worst as it goes on.

    I feel the need to give out a warning b4 anybody decides to watch it.