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Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Epicurean, Feb 5, 2004.

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    I had a problem today with an IRA deposit I made to my account early this year. I called the bank, made efforts to get things corrected and wound up getting a bs explanation from a representative who apparently did not know her business. I got so angry that it all of a sudden hit me, "Why is it that I do not have my money in a Black bank?" I started researching Black banks and could not find one in the county where I now reside. NOT ONE. I found two in a neighboring county that is about seventy miles away. Doing business there will mean making deposits by mail or making long drives. I called both banks. One did not have the type of financial certificate I wanted. The other one had it but had a longer maturity date. Neither were set up to accept electronic deposits. I try to support Black businesses. I try to buy my books through the only Black owned book store here locally. What do I get when I order books through him? SQUAT! I had to call him on two separate occassions to find out the status of the orders when he failed to call me and let me know the books had arrived or that he could not get the book. The latest episode is an order to get a book about a Black World War 1 pilot by the name of Eugene Bullard. I ordered the book back in July 2003. I did not hear from him for six weeks so I called and it was as if he had no memory about the order. I again placed the order. We are now into February 2004. What have I gotten from him? SQUAT. NOW A WORD! Now, I want to do business with some other Black owned book store but guess where the other Black bookstore is located? That's right. seventy miles away in the neighboring county. I am now considering moving to the other county. :bowdown:
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    You could search out the black-owned banks and see what you can do about doing business... there are some new ones in the works around the country---I think that there are a little over a hundred already established????

    I do understand what you mean when you state the bad experiences you may have had with some bo'd biz'... I understand wanting to do your part and get nothing for don't patronize them.... please don't. Many times We only talk about Blacks wanting Blacks to do a little somethin' somethin' when they are doing business with them; and sure Some of Us are like that--- but there are also some of Our businesses who think that they can treat their Black customers less.... so what do you do--do not do business with for excellent and compatible service....
    But, from your post you still seem to want to make the situations work...for that I applaud your efforts and not running away or casting a dispersion on all bo'd biz'.
    You are exchanging your hard-earned money for excellent service, sure it feels good to be doint the trading with your own---but hey, sometimes that just doesn't work...don't feel bad.
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    U truly have a dillemma, being that U live so far away from the businesses U wish 2 do business with.

    It is like if U have a problem with any white owned business, U don't work with them & go somewhere else.

    Also, that is the beauty of the internet, U can do business with organizations many miles away, & receive good service.

    That biz that U go 2 now, just isn't one of the right ones.

    U will find it, like people that deal with white biz's who've had probs. with previous white biz's.

    I commend U on your perseverance.