Black People : Black Rock and Vanguard control 99% of the World's Assets and are behind the Woke Movement in Entertainment


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Dec 31, 2009
According to several articles around the internet such as 'BlackRock's No.1 Goal in Woke Investing: Huge ESG-Funds Haul, and 'Two companies control 99% of the World's Productive Assets-And driving the great reset' Black Rock headed by Larry Fink and Vanguard will only give investments to corporations that are 'woke'. according to articles 'Larry Fink is apparently strong arming the entire finance world to invest in woke companies.' Being woke pays and this is probably a good time to create a 'woke' small business. This certainly explains the woke movement in television and films in recent years. Nypost- 'BlackRock. The 9 Trillion investing monster run by Larry Fink maybe the most powerful financial firm in the World because it holds shares in large doses of so many big companies and thus can direst corporate policy.'

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