Chief Elder Osiris : Black Racial Separation And Integration

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    Black Racial Separation Must Come Before All Inclusive Race Integration

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, did you notice I did not present to you in the form of a question what the subject is indicating, well it is because I know that it take a Divine Mind to understand why I presented that necessity regarding Black people, when seeking dynamic relationship with the world, such must be established with your self, first.

    It does in fact take a Divine Mind to know that it take a Divine process of Mental reclamation in order to implement the desired notion of a World being in Divine relationship with each other, and Race difference will not matter when such a world of various Ethnicity come to view each other as One, with no throw back of allowing such past activity of Racism, Racial Prejudice, and Racial Discrimination, and acts of Racial injustice against Black and poor people to be a hindrance to such a Racial base relationship with each other.

    Such a relationship between Black people and all of those other people, will only come when we will have the capacity to dictate the Trust and Respect that must be present in an act of all inclusive Racial Integration, violating not the sacredness of Racial Separation and such being without cause for uneasiness among Black people and those other people of the world.

    When you have entered the Mental Dominion of your Divine Mind and is in motion of Divine Mental Ascension, then there is no question about your self when you know What the Divine Essence Is, such knowledge will have you to know that Racial Harmony require and is Divine Respect of the Divine Essence, and that such Divine Knowledge qualify you to be able to see that All that the Divine Essence has caused to be, is of a Greater Good.

    So, if we are not performing in our life on such a Divine level, then we only have ourselves to blame, and because of that Divine fact, it will have you to know that all that live, is a product of the Divine Essence.

    But all that have come to present their lives in a way that such a life contradict the Body verification of being the product of the action of a Divine Infinite Intelligence, show that such a body life has fallen from the status of being of a Divine spirit.

    It is such a Divine Truth that is not to be ignored, and such a discipline will not allow your irrational emotions to precede Divine Rational Thinking, when it come to our obligation to ourselves first.

    Because you must see, before there can be a Divine act of Racial reformation with and by all of the other Racial Ethnics that make up this world, there has to be a self acknowledgment of our Black selves.

    Because those we want to integrate with has a past of evil abusing Black people and since those other Race of a people are the initiators of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice and Discriminative injustice against Black people, we need to know ourselves first and know those we desire to integrate with, I know that all are not responsible for our illness as co-conspirators, but they must come forward first to show and be willing to assist us in our Mental reclaim of our Divine Mind, because we have no responsibility to them, they have a responsibility to Black people, we in our motion of Mental recovery.

    My point is this beloved, there can not be an act of Divine integration by Black people with those other people with a history of practice of Racial injustice against Black people, so not until Black people become qualified to know that we have been made to be a mental ill people and now we have the responsibility of reclaiming our Divine Mind again,we will be seeking integration before separation and such demonstrate the gravity of our Mental illness.

    because until then, we will not be able to look to see clearly at that which we need to know about concerning our Black selves, because such Divine knowledge will inform us of our need to protect and defend for our Black selves, FIRST, before we can begin the mental journey to Racial integration, a relationship that will cause such a relationship to be a Divine one and not a Racial profane one.

    So you must come to see, Racial integration must not precede Racial separation when Black people are involved in developing such a relationship with the world of various Racial Ethnics, because there is an illness that has been caused to be of the Black Mind and not until that Mental illness has been taken care of, any act to proceed to integrate your efforts with those who remind you of those who have caused our Mental illness, will only serve as a distraction to what we need to do in order to reclaim our Divine Mind.

    Because you must see, in any relationship, if not with a Divine Mind, you can expect to have a relationship full of contradiction, hypocrisy, confusion, distractions, mistrust, and such a spirit is not the making of a Divine relationship, beloved.

    I do not share against involving ourselves with other when it is expedient for us to do so, but there are Time when the occasion call for like Minds congregate together for the same purpose and at this Time we need to work to regain our Divine Mind back, beloved.

    Such a Divine Truth and Reality is why I did not write my book, just released, Divine Spirituality, Revealed Information About The Real You, to target just Black people, I was moved to write such a book to the world.

    Because if the world is to change its attitude toward each other, and if Black people are to know what has caused our Mental illness, and if the other Ethnic world groups are to know what happen to them as well, then there was a need for a book that revealed the Divine Truth as well as the profane Nature of a world that has made Black people to be mental ill, and a world that was made to be a victim contributor to the cause of Black people mental illness and is in need of knowing the Divine Truth about what happen to them as well..

    Yet here we are, all steeped in our ignorance about our Black selves, so preoccupied in how we can integrate instead of separate for cause that is important, so that Black people can begin the Mental journey of getting to know thyself First, because an ignorant Mind about ourselves will not be intelligent enough to know the evil that lurks in the world we are so eager to integrate with.

    Tell me, why is it always Black Folks showing such a eagerness and willingness to integrate, assimilate with other Races so fast, as if we are the people who created the spirit of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, Discrimination and the practice of injustice against a world with a history of such practice against Black people.

    One Black Divine Mind will put Thousands of profane Minds to a flight and where there are few collective Divine Minds together on one focus accord, many of thousands of profane minds are no match for such Divine Mental unity.

    We Black people act as if we deserve no Respect, so we go running around taking on the Evil that has caused us to be a victim unto ourselves, as we act to be uncontrollable intoxicated with the want to prove to other people with a history of abusing us that we blame no one for our Mind sickness, just ourselves.

    So because of our disrespect for our Black self, we now are Black Human Beings wanting to show the Racist element of the world, they who are powerful with a Lucifer spirit, that we hold no animosity toward them for the way they have caused the illness of our Mind and have tricked the mind of their own to be prejudice toward us Black people, and I say to you Black people who act like such a defeated spirit in all that you speak about, speak from the illness of your mind for yourself.

    Because I can Divinely see and I am not religiously Blind, I have been made to Divinely see who have the responsibility for the way Black people behave in the world today and know what we need to do to become that Divine Being that we once were, we now being a Blind people who can not see how mental ill that we are today because we are so fixated on how we want everything to be and want is what have us to be mental ill today.

    So when it come to responsibility, such must be to our Black self, and it must be for us black people to know that we must reclaim our Divine Mind before we can Divinely integrate with a people whose record is not Divine, when dealing with our Black life.

    So yes, those of you Black people who go falling all over yourselves to integrate with others before you separate unto your selves, you need to know that there are white, Arab, and Jewish people and all of their sub-ethnics that have a responsibility to themselves to search for the level of their Mind that will allow them to See who we Black people Divinely are, and the evil they have acted out against us for no just cause or reason, they should be the people seeking us out for our forgiveness, not us begging them for an apology to us for the evil that they have done to our Black Mind, a Mind that is ill today and have us in a mind state of denial concerning our Mental illness today..

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, Is About You the reader, So You will Be Doing Your Self A Favor By Getting This Book For You, and Not For Me, Beloved.

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    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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