Quiet Poetry Lounge : Black Queen Up (Complement to Miss Lady's "White Woman Down")


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Dec 10, 2007
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This don't apply to All...but...if the shoe fits...

Black Queen Up!

The things we think are too often not said
Scared what she might think or what might go to her head
Dining on the same plate, drinking out the same cup
White Woman Down, Black Queen Up!

Portrayed as pure and innocent in the media everyday
Acting like she know my plight, gonna show me a better way
Yet I can’t seem to understand why my life she wishes to disrupt
White Woman Down, Black Queen Up!

I find it amusing that she tans her skin to my shade
I’d better hold my tongue, nah, Ima call a spade a spade
Thinking that you better than me as you walk the runway all stuck up
White Woman Down, Black Queen Up!

But in all fairness I will be and am the bigger woman
You can’t help to yearn for our strength and beauty, Diane
Or Becky, Jill or whatever you call yourself these days
Just know that I am the source of the Black Man’s gaze

Fiery and hot…it just don’t get no sweeter than me
I got his back through it all most of which you’ve only seen on TV
Flashy ain’t my style but get in my face and I’ll show you what’s up
White Woman Down, Black Queen Up!


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