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    Is Black Power No Longer a Goal For Black people In America?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, granted that we are in a Time here in America experiencing superficial change, not in the spirit of America toward Black People, but by the fact that America has now flashed and presented to the World a President with a different and obvious Hue from those presidents of the past.

    So in that sense, a change has come, not to America but in America and that change is represented by the fact that Obama is now President, in as well as of America, meaning that Obama now wear all of the Sins of America that has been committed against the people of his Black Afrikan Father.

    So I ask, is such a Truth is to be so easily forgotten and America forgiven, simply because America has Selected Obama to preside as President in America, and I say in America, because to all Black people there goes the saying that ring Divinely True, whether you like it or accept it or not, and that saying indicate that Black People are in America but is not of America, and if Black People want and desire to be of America then it make those Black People who make claim to be of America to be the Daughters and Sons of America and not of Afrika, meaning that you Black People who now commit to be of America, you do so in your Religious Confessed Faith in America, which cause you to be willing to assume all of the Evil that America has done in the World and more specific to Afrika and Black People, as well as to the People who were here in this Land before it was claimed to be America.

    There is a Divine Truth to the nature of our action as life living Beings, which hold you accountable when you see and or know of Evil that has been and is being acted out against others, even when you were and are not an actual physical participant in the Evil Action, yet you choose not to condemn such action but you make claim to be of the force that committed the Evil, which mean that there is no safe haven for you who choose such a path to travel for your life, which give meaning to the saying that the Sinner of omission to do the Divine Things in Life is just as guilty of a Evil Sinner, the Force that actually commits the Evil acts against those that was innocently abused by the evil sinning Beings, therefore all that is connected to the force of Evil, is just as equally guilty of committing the Evil acts against the innocence.

    So what do we have going on among Black so call Afrikans, well you have Black Afrikans in America who are totally committed today to America and not to Afrika, those so call Black Afrikans making confession to be not Black and Afrikan in America but to be just Americans, absent of being Afrikan and Black, I dare say to you beloved, that those converted and transformed self denial Black people, they are of the highest form of Evil poison to have in the midst of Black Afrikans in America, Young and Elderly, and you mean to tell me that those Evil Sinning self Denying Traitorous Black so call Afrikans need to be given respect by the Black Afrikans in America, when in fact by they confessing to be only Americans with a shadeless color, they are showing disrespect to our Ancient First Way Divine Ancestors and their Descendants, including our Enslaved Ancestors, which mean that we the children of our Enslaved Ancestors are included in being disrespected as well.

    Yes the oppressors have given to you Black People, president Obama and yes President Obama theme in America to Black People, is that which says that Race does not Matter, the shade of your body life is insignificant and such a suggestion, is that you should abandon what your Ancient Divine Black First Way Ancestors have presented you to be and take on a geographical appearance in the name given to stolen land, which is America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    What Foolish Afrikan with a shade referred to as Black and is here in the stolen Land, America, not as immigrants, despite what President Obama say about our Enslaved Ancestors, indicating that our Enslaved Ancestors came to America as Forced Immigrants, how can such a Foolish Afrikan entertain and or make a suggestion concerning our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Here we Black People are, indicating that we need to throw our Enslaved Ancestors away like you would do with a piece of garbage, by suggesting that the action performed by America against our Enslaved Ancestors need to be put behind us, making claim that was then and this is Now.

    Let me share with foolish ignorant Afrikans who make such a suggestion that we need to put our Enslaved Ancestors behind us, as if to be suggesting that we need to forget about them and let them Die to be remembered no more, you who wear such a Mind, do you know that Time is not the enemy to our Enslaved Ancestors and Time has placed them in a state of Spiritual animation meaning that as long as America refuse to Respect our Enslaved Ancestors to the extent that America will with all humility partition to the children of our Enslaved Ancestors for forgiveness and Humbly submit to paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation and no matter how many Obama are to be presented in America here after, it will not be sufficient to erase the Sacred Time that hold our Enslaved Ancestors in protection against effort to erase our Enslaved Ancestors from the sacred pages of Nature.

    So tell me Black People in America, Is Black Power no Longer A Goal For Black People In America, Is being Americans more sacred to you than being Black and Afriikan?

    America White Power has no relationship of good will to having Afrika Black Power.

    America teaches you that Black Power is a Racist claim of desire, and that all who raise the cry for Black Power, is Racist and divisive, yet here we are as Black people in America White Power, we making claim to be an American and despising the cry for Afrika Black Power, as if the two can not mutually be a life way of living having respect one for the other, why is it always that Black people must stand down when power is the central theme and a goal for Black Afrikans in America to be experienced in Afrika.

    In America, the call for Racial Assimilation is a Racist act, the call for the denial of the nature of your phenotype is to be ignored, such is a act of deceiving hypocrisy, to imply that Race separation integration, is not an option in America, and for America to imply that it is America that determine the style and fashion of Race Relation in America and that Black People in America has no say so in the Race Relationship matter in America and I share with you that such America action is a Racist act.

    Bury the call for Black Power and you Black People do participate in the destruction of Black Afrika and you can take it or remain ignorant to the importance, meaning, and purpose of Black Afrika Power.

    So tell me, where does the power lies in America, is it Truly in the seat of the Presidency or is it in the International Corporate Board Room of the World Governmental Society and is there not a layer of Power that is above all Governmental Society corporate Board Rooms?

    So is it not wise for the Divine Black Beings to call for a Return of Black Power in the World, as it is well established that we Black People are not of the White World?

    Let Those Who are Wise Among Us, Understand and Know what has just been shared with you.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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