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    This makes me think about the possibility that the colonizers may have created many of these "BLACK POWER" movements.

    Even though the actual Black Panther Party for Defense was about "Black Power", they were also proclaiming "Power To The People". And their foundation came from Huey, which understood his rights as a person under law and by law, using it as a defense against the occupiers.

    Wonder what could have been if the Moors of that time would have collaborated with the Panthers.

    Makes me ponder the extent of Slavery by imports vs Occupation.

    "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us"

    Would it change things if we came to realize that many of the dark complexion persons of the western world, already have their nation, but have be confounded by color code identity?

    Is there actually coded law that is hidden to remove the natural rights of nationals under a treaty that they are sworn to not speak of to continue the power hold?

    The Moors have often made my head hurt, not because the information is bad... but it's just so much to adjust or re-adjust to, either if one is critical of it or desires to understand it.

    Without joining a lodge, there should be some decent information that can bring clarity to some of the clips above, but it will take time and patience to make a determination if this could be the ultimate way to go in order to remove the oppressive chains (figuratively and literally).

    May also try to post some content that is used from the Black's Law dictionary.