Black Positive People : Black Power: Black man sets out to take back black hair care industry


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Jun 18, 2004
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Right, Right ... the OP switched titles on us, lol; hopefully no harm intended. Here's the original:

Entrepreneur claims weave industry for Blacks Featured

Versus this:

Black Power: Black man sets out to take back black hair care industry

Its very notable that Barge actually learned the culture, went back and was successful at bargaining into setting up a factory there, which allows black hair stylists here, an option to not buy outside our race.

The biggest deal is the factory he sets up here and hires his people, causing a gain in employment, and continues to put a profit into the hands of black stylists that buy from him, its great and a beginning toward to real black empowerment.

Peace In,
so if the sisters like drugs it's ok to sell it to them?

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
so if the sisters like drugs it's ok to sell it to them?

Brother, I'm going to quit calling you elder; you have already conceded to Khasm13, why start all over again? These aren't the actions of a true elder:

u blame everything else on the system of white supremacy but this...lmao

one love

:11100: i got to change it up every once in a while…..

Of course its not okay to sell drugs, even if they like them, but more importantly, what is your input, advice and action toward getting rid of Racism White Supremacy?

Before you leave us, what legacy will you leave us? Its important, otherwise, the graveyard is full of intent, etc....

Peace In,

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