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Nov 6, 2007
As hard as it might be to imagine, Black - a place you'd think would be quite appealing to blacks, is actually a

hotbed of racist attacks on blacks unlike anything I've ever seen elsewhere on the internet. Black users routinely are sent

private messages from whites full of profanity and every racial epithet on the market.

One message from a white female to a black female said: "I searched google for ****** and your pic was there". There were

also other even more wicked racist comments.

Being a public forum, it is frequented by all races but, it is the largest black forum on earth. As such, the subjects tend

to be focused on black issues and society. Sounds like a good idea until you see the discussions high-jacked by whites that

laugh at black issues and insult the participants.

Black Planet does nothing to regulate this or, to ban the whites that send private racist messages. That has the black

contingent pretty upset and the site has become a cyber-racewar everyday. It's as if the KKK has invaded the site. Black

Planet refuses to do anything about it and when the members get together to do something on their own, those discussions are

arbitrarily deleted, time and time again

So, that gives rise to discussion about why only the discussions about the white problem on Black Planet are deleted and

there is never a good answer or, none at all. If you're are looking to right a wrong, stop racism or just need a juicy story,

I implore you to check it out.

There have been discussions there where everyone posted the various frightful letters they've received and nothing was done

except to delete that discussion as if it had never existed.

And, worst, it's done with impunity

Members are told it is a private site and basically, if they didn't like it, there are other sites to go to. You would be

trully horrified to read some of the private messages I've seen.

The site really is not for blacks, it's a site for whites to have blacks at their disposal, to stalk, ridicule and molest.

The Asians that own it are making a millions off blacks and they show pretty blatantly that they are there for the money and

they don't care what these white people do to blacks.

The rest of the time, they're just disrupting the flow of any serious discussion - deliberately. It turns into a big fight

and people lose track of the topic and we don't work anything out. Worst part is the black sell-outs who support the white

people disrupt our black oriented conversations.

The administration deletes our threads at will. Many are about science or black ancient history. They end up hidden very

quickly, leaving only the really ignorant topics readily available. It's quite deliberate.

We're hoping to collect black planet horror stories and put the word out that we should simply stop making them rich. Let

them go out of business. Seems no one respects us until we hurt their pockets.

If you have a story or can cut and paste any actual instances of white-on-black racism, we would love to hear from you.

Please pass this around.

Thank You

The best way to shake up a giant is;

Bad press

Loss of advertisers

Seems to be their biggest contributor. They would pull out if they heard bad press or got alot of emails about this.
BlackPlanet ... Hello and Welcome.

Why do you go (and fight to remain) where you're mistreated?

Why do you expect them (non-Black owners) to treat you right?

People say the same about BlackVoices, BET, and BlackPlanet. None of these sites are Black Owned, yet they continue to make the bulk of all the advertising revenue derived from marketing to Black People on the Internet ... (BlackFace if you will) ... because Black People continue to go there.

At some point, the folk who go there, must accept some responsibility for their active and willing participation in being used.

I have no stories to tell, because i don't go there, but i do wish you success with your campaign.

Again, thanks for joining us, and please make yourself at home, because you are.


blackplanet said:
We don't want to stay there, we want them to stop abusing black people while profitting from our name (BLACK Planet)

We are starting a class-action suit - think of Denny's

Things I've seen there and have been told by the adminstration are unacceptable.

Beyond that, who needs them?

Okay BlackPlanet ... i do wish you all success in your endeavor!

When you win your lawsuit, come over here and Become a Premium Member! :wink:

Much Much Love and Peace!




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