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    In order to be able to value and respect Divine Truth, we must first be able to Know what Divine Truth Really Is, I say that about Divine Truth because we Black Folks have been conditioned to believe that Divine Truth is so frivolous and insignificance until any and everybody can create their own individual Divine Truth and then proceed to live by those profane Standards we claim to be our Divine Truth.

    So I propose a question to you, is a habitual liar capable of establishing Divine Truth and is such a liar capable of abiding by that which is Divinely True?

    Yet I say to you, in the Action of our Life Time, there are Three categories of Truths, one is that Truth you Human Beings create to be True as you believe it to be, and there is that Divine Truth which the Physical Universe bear witness that it is Divinely True, and then there is that Divine Truth which the Ethereal Universe is the companion to the Eternal Infinite Divine Truth, and there was once upon a Time, when the Black Being was the representative of the Divine Truth, here in the Physical Anthropomorphous Dimension of Life living, thus there were once a Trinity of Action that was so inter-connected, so Spiritual Intimate with each other, they being, God Eternal, Universe Divine Action, and Black People Divinely living, the Three were in fact the Trinity of ONE, meaning that the two of that Trinity was in constant Action, verifying and representing the Value of what is accepted as Divine Truth and Reality and the other being profane Truth that change at every belief of those Human Beings with a carnal mind so establish such Truth to be..

    Therefore of the Corporeal Life Dimension of Living, when Black People were no more Divine, we lost that Divine connection with the Ethereal and Physical none Morphous Universe, as we became adopted by the Human Beings, a People that had established their own Truth with it being based of Belief .

    So today, we have a Divine Truth and a Human Being Truth, the Divine Truth is that Truth that must be Profoundly Thought of, requiring all who seek the Reality of the Divine Truth, must first acknowledge the Value of The Divine Truth, before Such a Divine Truth become of Value to you, but not so with the Human Being Truth, because such a Truth can be contorted in many ways to meet the Wants of the Human Being, whose foundation of Truth is based on what the Human Being believe their Truth to be and so command it to be, which is Lies and acts of Deception, which prevent you to not know the Value of the Divine Truth.

    On the Biological level of living Beings, we experience an action of metamorphosis, a mark alteration of appearence, condition, character and / or function, which is commonly referred to as Growth and development and as our body and life expereinces become a fact of Life, then perceptions are altered and taken to be the instrument used to determine man Truth and it is that profane Truth that is altered through life living and not the Divine Truth.

    So we end up playing our little silly games with a Truth whose value is no more than your belief of it, when in fact, to Value the Divine Truth, you do acknowledge the Reality of the Divine Truth and that Divine Truth happen to be the God Energy that dwell within the Abyss Of The Perfect Night, ( Darkness ) such a Divine Truth is not altered nor does it experience change.

    In Divine Reality, there is no My Truth or Your Truth, there is only One Divine Truth and such a Truth is what Revealed both the Ethereal and Physical Universe, as well as the Biological universe and all therein.

    So in a none Divine Life, a none Divine Truth is what appeal to you and that is why the Human Being Religion and way of life is so appealing to you Black Woman and Man, and it is so, because you no longer Value the Divine Truth and by not Valuing the Divine Truth, you value not the God of us all, because it is that God Energy which Is The Divine Truth, and to verify such a Eternal and Infinite Energy, God It Is, then behold the Self of you, Observe the Universe of which we are a part of, and Know of the Ethereal Universe, within and out of which, Motion, Time, and Space become as ONE, each being because of the Divine truth.

    So, Is God to be Defined, then neither is the Divine Truth Definable and IT Become Of Value To you, Not Until You Know And Show The Value to IT, In Your Life Living, Yet the Human Being Truth is Definable and it is because their Truth is the creation of the Human Being and no one else, you live a life of lies and behavior that deceive and at the end of the day, you ask your religious God to have Mercy upon you..

    IT ( GOD ) is the Divine Truth, and the Divine Truth is IT, and IT Is The GOD Of All Universe, and IT value become as much to you as you Value IT, The Divine Truth I Speak Of, The GOD OF IT All, Whose Value To You, Is No More Than You Value IT, The Divine Truth, That Which Move And IS in Divine Harmony, Order, And Balance, The Foundation Upon Which The Divine Truth Is Present.

    Think and Live Divinely and the Divine Truth you will Value, knowing IT IS To BE ALTERED NOT, And Such A Divine Life, Is Not To be altered, Just Valued, And That Which You Divinely Value, Will In Fact Remain To Be The Divine Truth, Because There Is Only One Divine Truth And It Reside Within The Fabric Of The Perfect Night, Throughout Eternity, being The Infinite Darkness that Reveal The Glow That Flow From That Ball Of Fire In The Sky, Serving As Evidence Of The Divine Truth, As The Black World Once Served To Be Witness To That Which Is Divinely True, which Change Not.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    Poetry in Motion !!!!

    Wow, now that is what I call poetry in motion to all that have ears and wisdom to understand.

    What you have revealed here. sums up the answer to the truth seeker of how do I become a divine being and what is divininty.

    That big ball of fire and all of the heavenly bodies of the universe, seasons, wind etc. does exactly what we must do. They are never changing in their function and purpose and is the replica of Divine Truth.

    The universal elements will always remain divinely true just by them never changing and remaining true to their purpose for being, is what gives value towards the divine truth and is how we're all sustatained, the universe, and all therein.

    Chief Elder you have taught us to study the stars and the heavans, ie; universe. because of your missive above I just read the stars as it pertains to us WOW

    I will always be your student for I am growing wiser and I feel as though the universe has opened it's doors for me. My life is one of much happiness and I even get just a spark of blissfulness every now and then and when I'm really into the know and become one with the universe I fly which is the greatest exhileration of freedom one can taste. I thank you my teacher for you have taught me well for that I will eternally love you.

    Here is Loving you


    Goddess Kalifa

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