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    Hey Fambly,

    A friend of mine gave me a radio and I tuned in to one of the talk radio stations up here in Texas. Ohh good lawd. Man like to made the grass grow. They was trying to get folks to turn against Obama talking about he haven't done nothing in his first hundred days and the normal appeal to the fear of big government. "Do we want to live in a country where we can't say anything the government doesn't like without serious consequences.? I'm like whaaaaat? Man you have got to be kidding. I tell you. Then they invited the forty eight percent of people who thought Obama was going in the right directions to call in and tell them what he has done for the country but the number they gave was the wrong number .

    In his first presidential candidate debate McCain said he would deal with the deficit by freezing all government spending except military. Excuse me? That sounds like more than big government. That's fascism. But these jokers would urge us to support that because they'd rather spend their tax money killing people than helping people.

    These media people work for the big companies that own them. Yet they want us to fear socialism when they are the ones who can't speak any truth their bosses don't like.

    What is wrong with socialism, anyway?

    I think Obama is going in the right direction but he has not gone far enough. This isn't the first depression or recession or repression . decession or whatever you want to call it that we've been through and as long as we have a consumer driven capitalist economy it won't be the last. Economic Boom and bust is just the normal ebb and flow of this system. Obama may bring us out of this one but as long as the system continues somebody will always have to bring us out. and one day there will be a cat up there who can't bring us out because the world will just be tired of us.

    Again, what is wrong with socialism?