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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Has Black People Mind become so nullified to the extent that we do not Think of what Our legacy will be in the eyes of our Children a Thousand years hence, here we are now, not being mental qualified to identify our Ancient Black Ancestors in the window of Time they Lived their Life, and we know not the quality of Life they lived or the Mind that they displayed over the period of let us say, Twenty Thousand Years, yet our Black Life goes even way beyond that time, but for sake of Reasoning Divinely with you, let us focus in on our Ancestors of a span of Twenty Thousand Years.

    Is it not a fact, over the period of a twenty thousand years span, the quality of our Ancestors varied in term of possessing a Mind that caused them to express Profound Divine Knowledge as well as Profane Belief concerning God, Universe, and Self, then if you do not make an attempt to reclaim your Divine Mind, the Mind that possess the Divine Truth and know of the Reality of God, Universe, and our Black selves, such negligence by us Black People, will secure our present way of believing about those events that occur in our Life Time and to our Black Life, a situation that do not give Black people anything to rave about with Pride and Joy, and if we have no reason to praise ourselves now, then how do you think our Descendants a Thousand Years hence, will Think of us Black People..

    A no thinking Afrikan is the biggest danger of all to Black People, why, because a no Thinking Afrikan is the greatest danger to self, because when you do not Think, you will believe everything everybody other than yourself will tell you, and because that is the way Black Folks live our lives today, experience tell us that whatever we are doing today, it does not work to the benefit of the Black World and it is the Black collective world, Black People should be concerned about, because the Afrikan is not.

    It is plain foolish, plain stupid to debate the pro and con of a Lie, when in fact there is no pro position about a Lie, that can be taken serious when all Profound Reasoning at stake, and it is Divine Truth that should be the driving Mental force in any debate that take place about anything, because there is no greater Science than Profound Logical Empirical Reasoning, the Mental verification of the facts that are to be examine and prove to be Divinely True.

    As the universe has taught us, there is a constant coming and going of Life objects which most certainly include Black people and we are as sure as the Sun, involved in that process, so eventually, we that are Now, will eventually become a part of Life past events and our Descendants will become as we are today, in term of Space Place Time is a factor, as we today, look back at our Ancestors and to our First Way Ancestors for guidance and to see what is it that they did in their Life way of living that we can learn from, constructively and what were their life confronted with, and what was their quality of Life, and what did they do and if their Life was not as their First Way Ancestors were, then what did we the fallen Ancestors of this Time do if anything, to Make our life to be as the Life of our First Way Ancestors way of living were, such will be the Life action of our Descendants a Thousand years Hence, we now become numbered among the Ancient, as we would have become our Descendants a Thousand Years hence, Ancient Ancestors.

    Will our inaction become frozen in the Frame of our Time, reflecting a do nothing Black people, refusing to save our Life from this misery we now suffer, will we be the reflection of a Black people who did nothing to elevate our Black Life, so that we may experience the Greater Good in Life, or will our Descendants see a worn our passive, Docile, no Thinking Black People, chasing after the White Man God, seeking comfort that is to come in a so call religious after Life, Life.

    Will our Descendants a Thousand Years Hence see a Black People as we see ourselves, No! because our story will have been told and they will have a view from the bridge of Time that do not play to the psychic of self denial and false pretending and dishonesty and hypocrisy, as ours do now, yes these are the eyes we Black people today are using to look at the condition and Life style of Black people today , so the eyes of our Descendants, a Thousand years Hence, will not be looking at what we would have done but they will be using the eyes that see the accuracy of the picture that our story would have projected unto them and unless the picture that is before us is changed, our Descendants a Thousand Years Hence, will see exactly what we Black People are doing and posing for in our Life, such a picture will be one of Horror to our Descendants a Thousand years Hence, that is if we do not wake up from this Human Being nightmare we are acting out today.

    But the question must be raised considering the present Mental State of Black People and our lack of interest in saving our Mind Life, so the question, will there be a Black World for our Descendants to recognize as Black People, we who descended out of the Divine Life of our First Way cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, they who did not participate in the action of Assimilating themselves with others that did not carry the code of the Perfect Night, it being our Blackness, so the question is a reasonable one, how will our Descendants view us Confused Black People today, a Thousand Years Hence.

    I will venture to say that there are present day Afrikans, especially those of us who now do not see the value in our Blackness, they are those no doubt that could care less of how they will be viewed by their Children a Thousand Years Hence, because the action of Black genocide is well in practice against Black People, while we sit on the stool of denial,claiming to be Afrikan Human Beings and is not qualified to see the error in such self confusion being acted out with a Mind that did not originate from our Ancient First way cosmic Divine Black Ancestors.

    Yet it is with that counterfeit Mind, do we confused use to be Black People congregate to discuss the Sacred Land Afrika, as it is referred to today and a Transformed Black People, now identified as Afrikan Human Beings, talking about Integration, Assimilation, Pan Afrikanism, Community control in the Diaspora, Watered down Reparation, Afrikan Economic Development in america United State, the power of a vote that does not count in the game of the Human Being Politics and a United State of Afrika, all serving as a sign of how fast the Mind and Life of a once Divine Black People has been transformed to be that of the Human Being, a people with a History of having performed a Lobotomy on the original and Primitive ( First ) Mind of Black People now referring to ourselves as Afrikan People, a sign of a once Divine Black People that no longer know who we are and remain to be in this condition, if we do not go into action to save our Black Life and reclaim our Divine Mind, we will remain as we confused Afrikans are today and that is what our Descendants will see of us, a Thousand Years Hence, the question is do you really give **** ? As the saying is common used by us Afrikan americans.

    The Divine Truth, Take It Or Leave It,because in our present Mental State, we have no power that will have us to be effective, For or Against the Divine Truth,because we now live by the Mind of the Human Being.

    Yet here we are, a Divided Black People talking about a United State Of Afrika and Afrikan People, how pitiful and sad of a picture we will represent to our Descendants, a Thousand Years Hence, because it will be the same picture our children of today, is observing of us Afrikans, we who have long lost our Black divine Mind.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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