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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Divine True Black Nationalist should be so united until the Afrikan American should tremble every time they speak in favor of maintaining the status quo over Black Folks living condition in America, this is not about America, we Black People should expect a System of Governing that has a history of Enslaving, Segregating, and Discriminating against Black people, and the Power of a Racist System that gladly states that Black People in America, Afrika, and all parts of the earth do not have Rights that White People are bound to respect, we should expect such a Racist America to mistreat and Lie and Deceive Black People, but when so call Afrikan American move to sustain those Lies and acts of America deception, then the condition and the reason for our condition take on a different Pigment and should not be allowed to go unpunished.

    The Black Nationalist Fight in America is not to get America to become more hypocrite polished, when abusing Black People, it is not about getting America to apologize for Enslaving our Enslaved Ancestors, it is not about Reconciling with a Devilish mind that can not be Trusted, the Divine Black Nationalist are those up and coming Revolutionaries that will not take No in regard to Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, a response from America, Portugal, The Vatican, and the Crown of England for their involvement in Enslaving our Afrikan Ancestors, they being the Root of Evil along with the Arabs and Jewish People that is responsible for the Declining of the Black Nation and the ruination of the Black Mind of a people who were once Divine in all that they Thought to do and to be, on this Planet.

    The greatest Evil, the greatest danger to black People today in these Evil Mind-Set in Time, happen to be the so call Afrikan American, the Afrikan Tribalist and the instigators of the Human Being Religion, the Poison that now reside in the Mind and Spirit of the Black World.

    Do you Want to hear who is the greatest Enemy to Black People today, well I will continue to share this Divine Truth with you, Black Folks greatest enemies amongst us today is none other than those weak Minded so call Afrikan American and Afrika Religious preaching Afrikans, those so call Afrikans that represent the potency of our ignorance, as they parade around claiming to be so intelligent, when they either refuse or decline to reason Wisely about the Devil Religious Institutional Doctrine, a Doctrine that take many Mental shapes, but never stray away from the Prime theme, which is the Fable of Jesus, a Fable that keep a Black World on their Knees , requiring that we Look Up and not Inward, always missing the Divine Truth concerning the Divine Essence of All and Everything that Move and Not Move.

    The Black Nationalist has fallen victim to the Afrikan American status in America, we now admire their smoothness in how they are given the ability to sway most all of the Black World in the Direction that their Masters Lucifer, has so instructed them to lead us and the pitiful Black Nationalist has become so mesmerized confused, over the charisma of the Afrikan Americans Leaders, until we find ourselves to timid to point out to our People the error of those Deceiving Afrikans Ways, as they continue to Lie and Deceive our People of Low self esteem and property possession, always holding up before them a phony Pie in the Sky, knowing that they must keep that class of our people Dumbfounded, that is if they are to maintain good standing in the eyes of Black People oppressors.

    Hell No, there are no Black Revolutionaries in America as I share with you at this Moment and if you are in the process of evolving to become what you need to become, then I urge you to accelerate your Evolutionary Time Table, because Black People most certainly to not have another Five Hundred Years to wait on those who only just want to play revolutionary and never to become one in America.

    Black Womb-gender and Staff-gender ! America has only one thing of ours that we need and that One Thing is Reparation and we Black folks are so mesmerized over the flare and glamor of the Afrikan American false promises until we can not see what the Afrikan American Black Politicians and Afrikan Integrationist is about to do to the most sacred issue that serve to be the Ark of our Freedom, and that issue, is Reparation.

    If there is a Time that the Black Nationalist need to become organized and lead a Revolt in America, it is now and that revolt has nothing to do about changing America, it should have all to do about demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and not until such a revolt take place and for that reason alone, will the Afrikan America remain a Trump over the Lives and action of the so call Garveyite Black Pan Afrikan Nationalist, always serving The Honorable Marcus Garvey with Embarrassing hot Air and never no Revolutionary Action, but we are so quick to make claim to being a Black Nationalist Revolutionary, while Afrika Burn, and the Mind of the so call Black Afrikan, remain in a religious Caste.

    The Black Nationalist should be the one that is more immune to fear and Death, more so than the Suicide Bomber, yet here we are sitting on our Behind settling to be just Cultural Afrikan Nationalist and never to become Pragmatic Black Afrikan nationalist and you wonder while Afrika is burning, and the Mind of the so call Black Afrikan remain in captivity, under the control of the Human Being Mind ?

    Yet you have the audacity to believe that you Afrikan Americans has the power to spite the Divine truth and with your misguided arrogance, you believe you do the Master Teacher harm by ignoring what you need to do to save your Black behind.

    No beloved, your inaction, only serve to your own detriment and not the detriment of the Master Teacher, they that teach about that which we should be Divinely in action doing, in order to save the Black World, a sight that require a Divine Mind to See, and to Know what is to come to the Black World, should we remain Mentally Stuck in A Time Warp of our Human Being Ignorance.

    You Can Take This Or Leave It As Is, It only Will Affect Your Lives, Because My Life Is Already In Transition, As I Share The Divine Truth With A People That I Love So Dearly, Because I Know Your Potential And Whom You Black People are.

    Be Kind

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you


    Chief Elder
    ]The First Way Institution Of black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation
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