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Jan 3, 2002
Black People Self Belittlement

BY Chief Elder Osiris

Have you ever seen a People who once were so deep in their Life Divinity to have fallen so far away from themselves regarding their self identity, so far away until there is no inclination by such a people to have self respect for themselves and now carry themselves as if not to be worthy of self respect, self elevation and self honor ?

Well I have, and those people have allowed themselves to become the invisible people, a people with an identity that has been assigned to them by people without the desire for the people made to be invisible, to ever come to respect themselves again, and the People that made those other People to become Invisible People, they are determine that the Invisible People is not to ever come back into the Knowledge of who they once were and the Magic their Divinity once projected to the world.

The Invisible People happen to be the present no name People, so they have learned to accept the identity and description given by the people that made them to become invisible, and those people now are recognized as Black so call Afrikan People, a No Name and No thinking People, in this Evil World today.

So for sake of understanding, I will refer to us, using the common accepted term to identify the Invisible People, which is Black and Afrikan People, terms the Invisible People have grown to become comfortable with today.

Have you Black people notice how we have been made to believe about ourselves today, which is in a Self Belittling way, and how when conversation is in play by those other people not made to be invisible, Black People are excluded from being in the Center of the Fray of participation of their discussion, everything of discussion and explaining is centered around what they believe to be the case and action to be taken in life, so everything is about their contemplation about Life, and the Events that affect Life, all is done in reaching an accepted formed hypothesis and / or conclusion concerning that which is of interest to them, such decisions are made by everybody that make up the World Society of Ethnic Groups, Primary and Secondary, and never with the inclusion of the People made to become Invisible, even when the topic of discussion is about the people been made to become Invisible, the Black so call Afrikan People.

Every topic of discussion engaged in by those invisible people, come in a Reaction conversation instead of a creative one, meaning that the invisible people conclusion reached on the topics discussed is really not their conclusion, because the invisible people have been made to become invisible and to no longer Think, just believe in that which the invisible people have been told to believe about God, Universe and Life, yes even their Black so call invisible Life self.

So what do you get coming from Black so call Afrikans, a People made to become invisible thus do not know whom they are, you get a people living a life in subordination, plague in a life of Oppressed Injustice, knowing nothing about themselves, always belittling themselves, by praising and worshiping the People and God that made black so call Afrikans People Invisible, without the ability to profoundly Reason together anymore, meaning no longer qualified to recognize the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and the once Divine Self of the invisible People.

So when you share with the invisible people the Divine Truth and such warning is coming from people that is a member of the Invisible Ethnic Group, Black so call Afrikan People, the self belittling invisible people goes into an attack mode of self belittling, every time they attempt to challenge the Divine Truth shared with them, we do so by using the information given to us by people who have made the Black so call Afrikans Invisible and do not Know the Divine Truth, we always will generate a self belittling response to that Divine Truth.

Even when a precise description is being presented to the Invisible People, we Black People receive such accurate description of themselves as if it being an attack upon us, all because we have been made to become a self belittling invisible people, we who now can not See the Self of the Black so call Afrikan invisible people.

You See Beloved, when you have been made to not know of your Divinity and to believe that your present state of condition is just the way it is suppose to be, then in no way can you become self elevating or can see how far we have strayed away from our Divine Self and any self describing done by other Black so call People, they who are on a rise away from being Invisible, and self belittling, got that way by not Knowing whom we Black so call Afrikans are, we end up taking such accurate description of ourselves, as being a Put down of us by us, when in fact the present state of condition of our Black so call Afrikan Life, is in fact the greatest put down to ever befall upon the once Divine Black so call Afrikan Invisible people, and such an act was not perpetrated upon us Black so call Afrikan People by Black People, but by those other People describing themselves as White / Jewish / Arab people, they which can be looked upon today, and here you are now, can not be Seen by ourselves today.

You the invisible people can not bring yourselves to know and understand that the status and position we now occupy in the world is not your Natural status and position, you can not bring yourselves to know that you are a special people, you do not know today that the Black Divine Being is under attack and has been for Millennium and that we are all but Dead, not in a Physical sense of Death but the Black World have Died long ago Mentally and Spiritual and there is no serious of Death than that to have come upon a once Divine being that have been made to become self belittling, self debasing, self disrespectful, self ignorant and invisible.

The Invisible Black so call Afrikan People are told that we must forget about our Past and move forward into the Unknown Future, such orders are not meant for the invisible made people, Why ? because those people consisting of the White, Jewish, and Arab People, do not have a Divine quality Past as we Black so call Afrikan people have, our Divinity point us back to our past and to recapture the Divine Time of our Golden Past we must go back and not into some Unknown X Factor of a so call Future, Black People Future is our Past, yet by us being in such a self belittling state of Life, we having no self respect, we can not any longer Think of the Greater Height and depth we have once occupied in the experience of the Divine Black Being Life Time, which is different from others of a Different Phenotype Life Time, because their Past is not our Past and their Future is what they will create it to be, in order to serve their personal interest and not with the best interest of the people made to become invisible in their Plans and for their Future, with just as a greater interest.

For Black People to recapture our Past, we would have entered our Future, because the two Dimension is the Same for the Divine Being, because Divinity only beget Divinity, if you have started at a point of Perfection, then any movement to obtain a Divine Future is residing in your Past, meaning the Black so call Divine Being Past is the Future we must Fight to reclaim and experience again, but a people made to be Self Belittling and Invisible, is without the Divine Knowledge that will cause you to be able to Think of the Divine Height we are accustom to occupying.

Not until we Invisible black so call Afrikans come to realize whom we are and that we are not meant to be at the bottom of the Ladder of Life which the Human Being has so constructed, on such a ladder we will remain subordinates to the Human Being Ruling Class, the people that made Black so call Afrikan People Invisible today and we have become self belittling today, a sad commentary of a people whose DNA is that of the gods, our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism

According to compensatory counter-racism code:

Four (4) Basic "Show-Offisms" By/Among the Victims of Racism

1. "Showing-Off (to each other) the things that white people have allowed them to obtain.

2. "Showing-Off (to each other) the information that white people have allowed them to obtain.

3. "Showing-Off (to each other) their ability to belittle (each other).

4. "Showing-Off (to each other) their ability to make sexual impressions on each other.


Many non-white people spend much time/energy/money "showing off" to each other.

They do this as a means of trying to make the overall effects of Racism (White Supremacy) on their "personal affairs" seem unimportant and/or non-existent.

This "show-offism" serves no constructive purpose. It only helps non-white people to become more pitiful, primitive, stupid, and/or silly in comparison to the activities of the White Supremacists, and/or, in comparison to white people in general.


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