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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I know that Black people have been brain condition to equate reading with becoming educated and that all among us claiming to be educated Black People and some claiming to be leaders of black People, do so twenty Four Hours a Day, seven days a week, brain washing all Black people and especially our children to constantly Read, well I am here to inform you black People that we have fallen for the most damaging trap ever set in our Mental Path and many of us Black People have fallen victim to the evil of Reading.

    All Black People should be prohibited from reading any book that does not compel you to Think, and such books should be with clear encouragement, to disavow all that those people who are now in control of the world has written, they with a history of abusing, lying and deceiving Black people, using their books and encouraging Black People to Read as many of them as we can and in doing so, Black people become entangled and in possession of the Mind that control the world, a Mind that through reading, teach Black People how to become and remain a slave to the higher authority in the world, an authority that encourage Black People to Read and not Think.

    As of this moment, all books read, either are by authors of those people that oppress Black People, and / or their Mind is present in most of those Books written by so call Black People, of all Mental persuasion except our own.

    Here in our present Black folks world condition, there is never to the level Black people are encouraged to read, with the same emphasis put at the same needing to read intensity, there are no Black People encouraging Black People to THINK, as a matter of fact it is down right social condemning to Think independently of that you Read.

    Black Thinking is not a popular social need, but reading is taught to be an educated want, and to read without the ability to Think, render to the Black world a Mental condition that is under the control and dictate of those people referring to themselves as Human Being, the oppressors of Black People.

    I am here to share with you Black People that the greatest Learning tool is the Mind, therefore, the quality of that Mind can mean either Death or Freedom to the Black world and a Mind that is not Divinely of the Black World, will in fact cause the Black world to believe all that is read by us, without THINKING, and the penalty for such a Mental neglect, happen to be the present Mental condition of a now only Reading Black World.

    It is commonly stated that if you want to keep something hid from Black People, put it in a book, with the implication being, that Black People do not Read, I beg to differ with that statement and the evidence that Black people do read, is the attitude and behavior of Black People in the world today and it is as such, the Black world do not control one thing in this world and neither do we have authority over anything, not even our Black Life and I say, the present Mental Condition of Black People is that we Read to much and Think not at all and a None Thinking Black Nation become a Self hostile Reading Black Nation, a method that serve to the detriment of the Intelligence of Black People.

    Reading only breed a well structure educated reader but to a Thinker, there is produced a well balanced Learned Intelligent person, so today within the confine of the Black World, there are far more well read educated Black People than there are well Learned Thinking Intelligent Black People and the penalty for such a gross discrepancy among Black People, as for as we being well educated as opposed to being well Learned Thinkers, is the lack of intelligence among the educated reader and it be they that have caused the Black World to Worship Reading rather than to honor the Thinkers that are of the black World and because of such a lack of intelligence among Black People, we end up being considered as educated Fools and the proof is that there is a Black World today that do not Know Whom we are, which prompt us to not know what God is, nor do we know the Meaning of the Universe.

    Yet we serve God in according to what we have Read about God and from such reading we have generated a belief about God that has the Black world in a state of physical Misery, anchored in Faith and Hope, that which crucify the process of Thought, which cause the Black World to have not the inclination to THINK, with the penalty being the Death of a Black Nation that once was endowed with a Divine Mind and with the process of Thought, we are qualified to Know the Black Place within the Trilogy of GOD, Universe, and the Black Divine Being, such serving as the ecology of the Perfect Night, It being the Shadow of the Divine Eternal Infinite Essence, the Reveler of All That IS And IS Not.

    A Believing well read Nation is no match with a Thinking well Learned Nation. one is moved and motivated by what is read and told, and the other is assured based on what is known from the process of Thought, one seek a Heavenly Home, while the other seek a earthly Home of a Divine Nature, one is told by reading, seek to save thou Soul, while the other know to act to save the Black Life, one is based on the belief through reading and the other is based on the Knowledge arrived from Thinking, which cause you to Know, by Learning of the Divine Truth and Reality of which the Black Life must be engaged in, so that we may become intelligent in determining What God is and the Meaning Of Life on the Physical Dimensional Level of Life.

    Reading Educate you about the Thoughts of the Author, but Thinking give you cause to know of that the author is conveying, and Learn of that which exceed the Author Intent, qualifying you to know material that is Profane and deceptive, and to Know of Thoughts that are Divine.

    A Nation that Read without Thinking is a Nation that set itself up to become a Slave, but a Nation that Think, is a Nation that Know the Evil of those that want to deceive.

    Our Young, now has chosen to Think rather that Read and now they live a daring Life because they know that the Black life is not respected nor is it given an opportunity to Justice, so they have made a decision based on what they have Thought of and now see and they have made a decision to Die rather than be a reading only Slave and you wonder why the Young amongst us are so angry and fearless? well I will tell you why, rather than they read, they have chosen to think and what they Mentally See of the Black World, their decision in Life you now are witnessing and you educated Negroes have no clue why our Children are doing what they are doing,which is choosing Life over death and in the Life they choose they Die, but as A Thinker and not a Reader, the making of a slave.

    You Can Take This Or Leave It Alone, The Divine Truth Remain Unbroken, Such Is What Our Children now Represent, The Divine Truth.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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    Beloved Honorable Divine King god Chief Osiris, Heirophant Afrikan Mysticism teacher, Honorable Garvey reincarnated:

    I humble:qqb023:myself in your presence and the presence of the Truth and Reality in your missives. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Osiris: A Believing well read Nation is no match with a Thinking well Learned Nation.

    Osiris: A Nation that Read without Thinking is a Nation that set itself up to become a Slave, but a Nation that Think, is a Nation that Know the Evil of those that want to deceive.

    Nothing exceeds the process of Thought.

    :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
    :SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030:

    I am still learning:baby: