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    I'm a person who always have a motive in discovering myself (like astrology). So I went on-line and took a few personality tests.
    In most of these tests I come up as a INFP(Introverted,Intuition,Feeling,Perceiving) or

    There are 16 personalities types in general. Since I'm not an expert with this stuff I'll make it more general.

    Introverted vs Extroverted
    Intuition vs Sensing
    Feeling vs Thinking
    Perceiving vs Judging

    This is how the 16 personality types are derived. Now this is not set and stone as this is a theory that humans only have 16 personality types ( I believe we are more complex then that).But it is a solid foundation for humans to understand ourselves a bit more.

    I took these test like about 50 times already. They are time consuming, but it is worthwhile. My personalities types are surprisingly one of the most rarest(INFP 4.5% of the world,INFJ less then 1% of the world).

    Since I still can't post links yet you can just google these personality tests. I know one of them is called 16personalities. If you have anything to contribute please don't hesitate. Also post your results. If you can be on face book looking at pics you can definitely do this. :)