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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The ideological theosophical Concept Of God, is a Theory based on Mystical insight about the Nature of God, meaning God presence become our Divine Reality, based on our Independent Thoughts and nobody else belief concerning God, who now walk this planet in this world today.

    Black people and no one else, should be allow to influence our Mind concerning the Nature of God and the Origin of the Universe and the Divine Presence of Life, only Black People are qualified of remembering the Universal Conceived Theory concerning God and Its Anti Nature and the Universal Nature of all that God Produces without ceasing, as was taught by our Ancient First Way Black Ancestors.

    There was a Time, with the exception of our Ancient First Way Black Ancestors, when all corporeal Beings that walk this Planet had no Divine concept of God, Universe, nor of Life Self Action, be it Animate or inanimate and without such a Divine Foundation, the Mind remain unorganized, absent of the ability to act and behave in a Civilized Fashion and such a description was the attitude and behavior of those people who had not yet begun to know and understand the Divine Presence, which has caused all things To Be, and not Be As Is, because such a state of Life, come from the ability of that Life to Divinely Reason, Logically.

    It was Black People that came to this Planet with such a Divine Mind that give the ability to be Theosophical concerning God, Universe, Life, and we became eventually Ideological and Philosophical about God, in our Fallen Time, a Time which we no longer remember the Divine Information that come from a Divine Mind, which is capable of revealing the Theosophy that arrange God as IT IS, The Divine Essence of All and Everything that is with Life, and all that is in a State of Perpetual Eternal Infinite Existence, such Divine Knowledge was once in our possession.

    Today, Black people need to reinstate our ideological theosophical concept of God and withdraw from the Belief system that Religion has instituted into the Mind of the world, with the Black World being the target receiver and it is all because Black People no longer has the Mental ability to be Theosophical about God, Universe, and Life, which should be a Prime objective we all should be in motion to know of and understand today.

    The Afrikan Union will never become what it is falsely portraying to be desirous of, which is a United State Of Afrika, nor is there a desire for a United Continental Afrika, the first should never be the objective of Black People in Afrika and the other should be Black people in Afrika objective, because the Foundation of Afrika, in its present state is out of order and the present stated objective for Afrika is profane, why, because the Concept of God, Universe, and Life in the mind of Black People is profane.

    The Divine Concept is no longer in focus by Black people in Afrika and everywhere else we find ourselves today on this planet, Black people now are victims of somebody else Religion and politics and not our own, and until that change, Black People in Afrika will continue to act and behave as we see ourselves doing today, with such an act becoming more and more detrimental to the Life of Black People in Afrika, and where else we are on this Planet,

    All Governments are because Religion is, and yet the Human Being say that the two are separate, I say that there is no greater Lie ever told than that, it is my opinon that religion is the armor that protect the government and that is why the so call governments in Afrika will never become Divinely United and in their profane present state, they never will be, the present Governments in the world and especially Afrika I speak of, I who know that such Present Black Governments in Afrika under the present so call leadership of Afrikan Human Beings, they will not ever be for the benefit of All Black People in Afrika, as they now reside in ignorance of the importance the Children Of The Middle Passage was saved to play a part in reviving The Black Nation In Afrika togather to be again.

    Black People must again begin to adopt and understand the Theorem of God, Universe, and Life, and that can only be, if Black People reject all religions and begin to embrace our Divine Mind, out from whic flow thoughts capable of revealing mysticle power, which is of the only Life process that will give us the Divine Truth about God, because the Divine Mind Demand that you Think and we are that which we Think and with such Divine information it will compel Black people to take back control of our Life and when that happen, Afrika as a continent will become United again and will be for the Black Divine Beings in that place referred to as Afrika, with One Unified Conceptional Theosophy, concerning God, Universe, and Life, which is our Black Body in motion, designed to be Harmony, Order, And Balance with the Universe.

    When Black people return back to their knowledge and understanding of God, Universe, and Life, such will serve as a sign of the dawning of a Life of old, for Black People, and such will be complying with the Natural Cycle of the Universal Life, which verify all that Is, Was Once Before, And All That Was Once before, is all that is now.

    Therefore Black People in Afrika and everywhere else on this planet is traveling in the wrong direction because our Life motion has been made to be Linear, in a Human Being Mind, such travel of the Black Life lead to destruction, because it no longer has the foundation laid by our Ancient First Way Divine, not Afrikan, but Cosmic Black Ancestors, whose Theosophy about God is Divine, requiring a Divine Mind to know and understand such a Divine Truth and Reality that is of GOD Is Freedom, Peace, Justice, And Independence For Black Divine People.

    The Divine Truth, The Afrikan Human Being Despise The Divine Truth and Lo And Behold The Status Of The Black World.

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I continue To Remain Obedient To Our First Way Black Divine Ancestors.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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