Health and Wellness : Black people more likely to have amputation


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Nov 7, 2020

A New Look at the Black Amputation Epidemic

ProPublica won multiple awards two years ago for “The Black American Amputation Epidemic,” a long-form article detailing the disproportionately high rate of limb loss among Black Americans in the South. Last month The State (a newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina) focused on the alarming prevalence of diabetes-related limb loss in a single Black neighborhood. Its interactive article, “Cut Off,” tells the story through a mélange of narrative, images, maps, infographics, and other elements.

“One SC zip code is a hot spot for diabetic amputations,” the article begins. “There, residents are cut off from basic services that might help save their limbs and lives.” The zip code in question, 29203, registers one amputation per thousand residents—the highest rate of any Southern zip code over a five-year period (2016-2020), and 20 times higher than the national average.


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