Black People : Black People LOVE each other and 2011 that love will have to be Manifest Nationaly

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    Not since the birth of the klu Klux Klan has there been such a methodical and concentrated onslaught prepared and ready to strike at the Black community, as will be in the House when the Tea parties GOP take power.

    What ever illusions and delusions the white supremist media deasires to say about us we need to look at the cup half full instead of half empty and be able to see through thier endless lies and propaganda

    They tried to tell us not to listen to Garvey, and that he was a foreigner and a hater

    but we knew it was a lie by virtue of the LOVE that rolled down the streets of Harlem like a river and the solidarity and LOVE that folks of African descent under colonization and Jim Crow around the planet,
    felt and were uplifted by and still feel upliftemtn to this day

    They tried to tell us that the honorable Elijah Muhammed preached hate, but his message of Do for Self inspired LOVE within millions of folks of African descent regardless of religion or nationality

    They tried to spread hate between East coast and West coast Black panther parties,
    but the LOVE of the community was stronger and our LOVE for their efforts and sacrifices for the community cuased us to love each other even more

    They tried to say, "ah negros cant get together a million strong without fighting and fussing,"

    but the Million man , million Woman, marches were a testament of the great LOVE that we have for each other and any one who attended was transformed for life by that love

    They put in the press all kind of derogatory crap about us during Katrina, but the real story was a testament of our great LOVE for each other as everyone had stories of how folks chipped in and helped and supported one another

    Now that Halloween will dominate the house of congress and real;
    witches, demons, ghouls, vamipes, spooks, and Frankensteins will be chopping practicly all of the government benefits that black folks take for granted like

    public housing,
    public schools,
    civli service jobs
    , day care centers,
    after school centers,
    job training programs,
    municipla universites
    and municipal hospitals

    we will need to pool our LOVE to figure out methodoligies to fight this p;political genocide

    and then take a serious look at how we with a trillion dollars can start working towards some self sufficiency

    If we fail to plan,

    we plan to fail

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    In the Spirit of Sankofa and Peace and Love!

    .......By far brother, this is your best post, ever (and in your own words)...Godspeed, see you in 3.