Chief Elder Osiris : Black People In America Responsibility Is Not To Build A Case For Reparation.

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    Black People In America responsibility Is Not To Build A Case For Reparation.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where this come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear you.

    Is it just plain ignorance I see being displayed about Reparation, or is it a under handed intentional effort to sabotage the issue of Reparation in America, by Black Americans.

    I focus upon Black Americans, because I know how blindly in love some of us are with America, and a blind Black Mind is a dangerous black Mind, because the mind being used is not the original mind of Black people.

    Only to a traitorous Black American Mind, is Reparation a threat to such a believing Black Mind, because America has become to its belief, to belong to the Black American, they who now subscribe to America as being their Land of the free and Home of the Brave, as they lie, in an attempt to justify such a Mind look at America, making claim that our Enslaved ancestors Died and suffered, having not the desire for their children to return home to Afrika, but to stake a claim to be citizen of a stolen America, and it is a low caliber of Mind, such as that with a belief about America and our enslaved ancestors , which has become an enemy to Reparation.

    To a believing black American mind, it make Reparation to look like an impossible task to achieve, because to the Mind of the black American, Reparation represent everything Black Americans loath, which is Afrika being for the Afrikan, and the black Afrikan in America, here by way of the middle passage, becoming reunited with the Black Afrikan in Afrika, which set the action to cause for the reunification of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Black People In America Responsibility, Is Not To Build A Case for Reparation, Black People In America Has the Obligation to collect Reparation.

    And that is the effort of action coming from the Black People in America that the black Americans pray will never be, because it will resonate to vividly how insignificance the Black Americans are to Black people in America, as well as to white America, thus the Black Americans become expendable to Lucifer the Human Being, as well as to Black people in America.

    Reparation is the verification of Divine Truth, concerning our Enslaved Ancestors Right to be compensated for the hard work and variety of abuses that they endured, even unto death.

    So, no Divine Respectful Mind would attempt to run away from such an obligation we have, which is to collect our Enslaved ancestors Reparation.

    Yet, the Black Americans, by placing a low caliber mind spin, making claim that there being no possibility of Black people in America ever receiving their Enslaved ancetors Repration.

    What a sad and pitiful lot those Black Americans are, yet make claim to be the wisest of us all, Black people in America by way of the middle passage I am referring to, as being the all of us Black people who choose to Divinely Think, rather than to believe all that Lucifer has trained us not to be, which is, Black people in america with a mind that work for the greater good of the Black Nation

    Reparation is not an issue that need to be justified or prove worthy to be , it is the verifier of the evil been perpetrated against our Enslaved ancestors.

    But the black Americans, they been ordered to serve as a distraction, as a stone of confusing to those Black people who know no better about who we are and about why Reparation must be paid to our Enslaved ancestors.

    Reparation is not about what the children of those Enslaved Ancestors want, it is not to be identified or associated with welfare or begging for an America hand out.

    Reparation is a Debt owed to our enslaved ancestors, and the most empirical evidence that support such a demand for our enslaved ancestors Reparation, happen to be the remaining sanctity of the Black People in America, they who are here not by will of choice, but by the power and strength of the Divine mind of our enslaved ancestors.

    Therefore, the children of those enslaved ancestors provide for an open and shut case that prove the reality of the Reparation debt, which is owed to our Enslaved ancestors.

    Hell No! Reparation need not to have a case made for it, in its behalf, that is just like saying that there need to be a case made to prove that Chattel slavery actually did become an institution in which our Afrikan Ancestors were held to be treated as white folks chattel.

    Never will I stoop so low to even imply that such an action by the children of our Enslaved Ancestors would have merit to speak against Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors.

    So yes, Reparation, it stand alone in the company of Divine Truth and Reality, which never has a need of making a case for, concerning the burden Black people have been made to bare and Reparation is appropriate to condemn such action of America chattel slavery .

    Chief Elder
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    It's a shame that alot of our ppl are still not getting the message...