Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Have Been Made To Be A Carnal And Temporal People

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    Black People Have Been Made To Be A Carnal And Temporal People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are very few Black People in the World today, Black meaning, being Divine or in pursuit of reclaiming the Divinity of our Shaded (Black) Energy intelligent Action.

    There are Most Afrikans who are at a lost to what it mean to be Black, (Divine) so we claimed to be Black People, we hold to the notion that being Black is nothing special, it is just an identity tag with no specific meaning and we Black People believe that way about our Black Phenotype, because we have been made to be ignorant of who we Are, which are Divine Beings and most Black People do not know what is required to be Divine, which is to be in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the action of the universe during the action of your body life living and it is all because we have been fitted with a Mind that is of the action of a people who refer to themselves as Human Beings that have the Afrikan people denying our Blackness and those Human Beings are the very same people responsible for Black People not knowing the greater value in being Divine.

    Therefore, Black People are victims of our own ignorance and it is that ignorance that have us capitulating to the teaching ways and spirit of the Human Beings, those people who taught us about their Religion which tell us that all Beings are born to be Sinners, (Disrespectful toward Nature) and is of the Mind that guide you to be injurious to Self, meaning such a Mind guide you to be disrespectful toward all others and with such a low quality of Mind that is guiding your life action, evil become your captain and lying and deceiving is your life domain.

    So, to be a Human Being is to be carnal and temporal in your life living action, it is to be sinful and committing acts of iniquity, always full of lies and acts of deception and it is the Human Being Spirit that caused the fall of Black so call Afrikan People, you who were once Divine in Spirit, an action of the Black Life that was in possession of an expression of a Divine Spirituality.(attitudinal behavior)

    Now, allow me to share with you the identity of the Afrikan Human Being calling themselves Black, we referred to ourselves to be a Colorless shaded Divine Being and we did so when our transformation was in its infant stage, now that the transformation is in its final stage, the claim of being Black is being dropped from the Human Being Mind which is now a part of the so call Afrikans, and now the Human Being Mind serve as a virus, a eating cancer at the Mind of a once Divine Black People, which has caused Black People to go to be insane and delusional in our daily walk of life, as we are guided by the sense of perception, which have a once Black Divine Being to become sensual and temporal in their body life living, a sure sign of a once Divine people gone to be guided by the Human Being Mind, Black people now guided by our sense alone and now crave for things of this evil World.

    The brand new Afrikan, all dressed up in our Human Being Mind, craving for all of the worldly things in life and has become sensually evil in spirit, leaving no room for having the ability to Think, because the Human Being Mind is motivated not by profound Reasoning, not by Rational Thinking, not by being Logical when surmising about the things that are confronting our lives, so with the absent of the Mental trilogy of Mind action being upon you, it cause you to become just a carnal Temporal human Being claiming to be Afrikan and having no desire to be referred to as being Black with a potential of becoming Divine Beings again.

    An Afrikan Human Being has no Divine Spiritual Connection to Self nor to Afrika and with the absent of such a Divine ingredient from Self, then the Me and You are enemies to Self and when the Self carry no value to the Me and You of the body Life, then you become a agent of the Human Being Mind, a Mind without Divine Discipline and a Mind that is without Spiritual Divine discipline, is a Mind of that Devilish Lucifer, the Satan's of the World, displaying a Human Being Spirit that is entirely of the senses and is desirous of all things that are of the material World, weapons of evil and sadistic living, a spirit that has no place in the circle of Divinity.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Here you Human Beings Afrikans are, you having deep regret of your Black phenotype, you no longer have the self respect nor the Divine Mind that will reject such a demeaning Spirit of ourselves.

    Anybody who teach you to forget about your Divine Black glorious past and convince you that there is no value in your Blackness and that you should be ashamed of your Blackness and go dancing with glee into the Melting pot of the Human Being, they are the agents of Evil and a disciple of the Human Beings, they who crucified your Divine mind and dressed you up with the Human Being Mind, the mind that cause self destruction of the Black World.

    The Human Being know exactly who you Black People are, they saw you at the top of your Divinity, dressed in the garment of the Infinite Perfect Night, so no, the Human Being can not allow you black People to fall in Love with your Black self again, because if you do, the Human being return back to the low level it original occupy in the World of Beings in the Universe.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    All who teach you to deny your Black phenotype are those who are of the Evil in this World and is an agent of that Devilish Lucifer, the Human Being of their World.

    To be Black is to be Divine and to be Divine mean that you live with a Spirit that promote Harmony, Order, And Balance in the Universe.

    The Human Being is as a run-away comet, having not a place to call Home and is as a flying meteor, out seeking whomever and what ever it may destroy.

    It is the Infinite Divine Perfect Night that give meaning and purpose to the White Light and it is that perfect Night that cloth the Stars and Planets.

    Let you who have the mind to do so, know and understand that which has just been shared with you, Divinely so.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]