Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Have Been Desensitized and Sanitized Toward Afrika And Self

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    Black People Have Been Desensitized and Sanitized Toward Afrika And Self

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    First let me say as slow and as clear as I can to Black people wherever you might be, GOD IS not in the saving business, God does not interfere with that IT has equipped to do for Self or not do for self, IT IS a Sovereign Supreme Eternal Infinite Power, the sum total of Intelligence, the Entity of Truth and Reality, so if we are sitting around waiting on GOD to feel sorry for our passive behind, such waiting verify that black Folks do not Know what GOD IS.

    I must say, those other people Religion serve as the Drug and Detergent that has Numb the Divine Mind of Black People and act as the Detergent that has washed away all Past Divine Knowledge concerning GOD, Universe, and our Black Self, evidence, look at the attitude and behavior of Black people today toward Afrika and our Black self, do we exemplify a people in search of Truth about us or on a Hunt for our Dignity, because we most certainly have lost it, yes we are not in a war against Black ignorance of self, or being a warrior against Evil, which is all unacceptable things that attack our Divine Mind and paralyze our Black Spirit, ( Action ) preventing us from being sensitively cognitive about the root cause of the Black present condition and from having the fearless motivation and Energy to fight for Divine Justice to return back to a once Divine Black Being.

    Here is a once unified cohesive Harmoniously Black Divided Nation of people that do not feel anything toward that particular place call Afrika, on this Planet Earth, a place where a strange pigmented people appeared, not ignorant, not un-universalized, not without the ability to interact with the elements, totally aware of the meaning and purpose of dimensional life presence and was not without the Knowledge of what a Supreme Eternal Infinite Intelligence now referred to as GOD, IS.

    Yet I invite Black people to take a Look at ourselves and SEE the Truth concerning our Black selves if you dare, and tell me that we are not a people that are not sensitive toward the state of condition of Afrika as a continent, and the condition of Afrikan people, who are now marching to the orders of a strange set of rules, laws and commanding orders, created by those other people different from us, they that do not allow the use of the Black original Mind to be active in determining what is Natural, True, and Real to our once Divine Black Life, and now, such an instrument that have control over our now Human Life Mind is what causing us to be insensitive and sanitized away from our Divine Knowledge, and the instrument now used against Black People, happen to be in fact, those other people Religion, the weapon that Massively destroyed our Divine Mind and now we have no desire to reconstruct our Divinity.

    Why, because we have been religiously taught and we have accepted such teaching that tell us Black people that such a Divine height in Life, we now Human Beings are unable to obtain , thus here we are, a insensitive and religious sanitized Black People, unable to make a Divine connection with that place call Afrika and those Black People calling ourselves Afrikans and without that Divine connection, religion will serve to be the Drug and Detergent that prevent us from knowing our Divine Place in the World, to God, in the Universe, and to our Black selves, and such a handicap will assure the present state of affairs of Black people in the world, a people that nobody respect.

    So, as long as we choose to believe that GOD will fight our Battles and will send us a Savior to save us Black people from the Evil of the World, that same Evil that created and do control all religious belief, as long as we hold on to such a fantasy beloved, then look forward to remain in the condition we Black Folks are now in and in such a condition we are unaware of how such energy we now use to be depended on other than self, which do not harmonize with the Universe Energy, which cause the Universe to not associate with such disorder, causing an imbalance between the Black Life and the universe action, a type of relationship that cause the Universe Energy to usurp the lesser active energy, that being of Black people, causing such a transformed people to be of no meaningful benefit to the action of the Universe, rendering such people useless to the Universe and more so to ourselves, thus the consequence from such insensitivity and sanitation, present the condition of those Human Being calling themselves Black and Afrikan.

    If not for the inter-dimensional observation coming from our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors, both from within and without and their planned outer and accelerated inner intervention taking place with the reascending Divine Black Being, Lucifer would be able to claim victory over those once Divine Ebonite Beings, but not so, in spite of our Self Ignorance, Arrogance, Vain Ego, and Jealousy that is in abundance among Black People, the fact that there are a Few Black Divine Beings at work against Lucifer Weapon of Mass Black Folks Destruction, Lucifer know that before Long our Ancient Cosmic Divine ebonite Ancestors will allow themselves to become visible to those Ascending Dimensional Divine Black Beings, giving to them the ability to exceedingly know and understand those Mysteries that kept us on the Low third dimension level, which on such a low dimensional level, is what cause us Black Folks to behave as we do toward ourselves, which teach us to know that an enemy to self is an enemy to all others that is of that same genetic self .

    There will be no Liberation of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan as long as the Black Afrikan choose to be addicted to the opium of those other people Religion, a drug that numb, paralyze, and evilly sanitize the Divine Black Mind.

    The Drug of Religion make the Believer to become insensitive to Afrika and the Black Self, but cause the believer to become overly sensitive accepting to the evil of religion, such opium affect the Menthology of the Black Afrikan Divine Mind, causing the believer to not be able to recognize the Divine Truth about GOD, Universe, and the Black Self, an evil that have everybody different from us, despising us Black People in this world, including the Black religious believers.

    It Is The Fool That Will Say No Way To The Truth Concerning The Evil Of Religion Upon Black People, But The Wise Will Say, I Obey The Elemental Guardians Of The Universe, About The Evil Of Religion, Those Divine Elements ( Air, Heat, Water, Earth ) Those That Are The Attributes Of GOD..

    The Code, Divine Being, Know Thyself !!!

    How Pitiful And Shameless We Black Folks Have Become In The World Today, Not Knowing Which Way Is And Which Way Is Not, What Is Going and What Is Coming.

    Let Those Who are Wise Understand What has Just Been Shared With You.

    In america it should be, it must be for the Black Minds in america, Freedom and not a perpetuation of endless acts of survival, the Divine First Way Nature of Black folks, happen to be Freedom.

    So It Is, And so It shall Be!!!

    The Truth, The Negro Despise The Truth And Serve to Be a Traitor to The Black Race!!!

    Beloved, Only The Devil Is Displeased Concerning This Revelation, As I Share With you The Truth, Having No Concern With What Your Behavior Will Be Toward Me, Because I Follow The Path So Charted For Me By Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors, As I Have Only Love For You Who Know, and Know Not.

    Date, Time And Place can be assigned to Truth and Lies, but Sound Profound Reasoning and Logic, Bed Down only with Truth

    Remain strong and always be alert, taking no one for granted.

    Free your Mind and conquer Fear and the Black Divinity will return, bringing the Liberation of the Divine Black so call Afrikan Nation, which is now divided and fearful of God in this life, because of the devil religion.

    The Truth, Black folks Despise The Truth, Thus serve as a sign of how hateful we are toward the You of ourselves and how well programmed we Black Folks are.

    I come sharing the Truth not with arrogance, but with the Divine
    meekness so required of me by our Ancient Cosmic Dark ancestors.
    > The Truth is not to be claimed, it require that it be known and
    understood, relinquishing all irrational emotions, attributes of Lies
    and act of deception.

    I Will Present The Truth Wherever I Can Get Truth An Appearance,
    Even In The Midst Of Black Folks Fears and Divisiveness!!! -osiris
    > Here Is Loving the Black So Call Afrikan,Even In Spite Of
    > It Is Time to Elevate The Truth and Condemn The Lie!!!-osiris
    > It Is The Black Fool That say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!!-
    > It Is The Fool That Ignore The Truth In Favor Of a Fool!!!-osOsiris

    > Run! Run!, Run Black Woman And Man, Back Into The Safety Of Your

    > The Human Being Say God Command, The Divine Say God Reprimand
    > All Respect and Honor to That Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus
    > Hoteph
    > Chief Elder
    > Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    > Hierophant, Teacher Of Ancient Black Theology