Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Have An Over Abundance Of Low Self-Esteem

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    Black People Have An Over Abundance Of Low Self Esteem.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is much More Where This come From

    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Black people problem is the Mind, and you no longer operate with your Divine Mind, and it does make a difference in how you express your self in life.

    Not until Black people control their Mind again, will we become a worthy foe against Lucifer the human being, your primary oppressor.

    I have shared with you what you need to do in order to get on the path that will lead to you reclaiming and possessing your Divine Mind, which ignorance advised you to ignore.

    Black people using ignorance to spite the divine truth, only compound the black life problem, which is having a low self-esteem.

    Esteem: Something that imply very great value, importance, very respected, honor, radiance.

    Low Self-Esteem: Someone who has a low sense of value regarding self, no sense of self-importance, lack of self-respect, no regard for self-discipline, disrespectful, dishonorable,depressed.

    Have you ever seen a people who measure up without a doubt, to having a spirit that display such a low self-esteem than those people referred to as being Black and Afrikan?

    There are those Black people who want to be falsely described as being with high self-esteem, yet do not produce the evidence that would warrant such a description, in term of the spirit displayed, while their attitude substantiate a low self-esteem.

    Black people have grown to rather be falsely described, by not admitting to the Divine truth that adequately come forth from them, describing the profane spirit being displayed by you.

    So, one with the ability to Divinely see Black people, can only Truthfully reveal what is seen of the spirit Black people project, and such a spirit serve to be the empirical evidence that verify that Black people live a life of Low Self-esteem, based upon the fact of our living condition in the world.

    So, share with me, what is the most honest approach one must take, if the desire is to have Black people to be informed of the Divine Truth about the type of spirit being displayed in the world today by you Black people, and that spirit is that of a Mind that produce Low Self-Esteem.

    People with low self-esteem, wear a mind that teach and guide them to have no Divine knowledge with understanding about the spirit coming from them, not knowing that it is that of a spirit that verify that life is operating on want, belief, faith, hope and charity, not self generated, but is indicative of being under the guidance of other people that carry a tremendous influence over the lives of those people living with a low self-esteem, those people being Black so call Afrikan people.

    What kind of a people with a story as primitive and Divine as Black people, can emerge with a history that indicate that something drastic had to have happen to those Divine primitive people, causing them not to be able to remember their primitive arrival upon this planet, not with a spirit that display low self-esteem, but with a spirit that displayed Divine self-esteem.

    Such a quality of spirit, was revealed by the sophistication of the civilization Black people established upon this planet, now call earth.

    Primitive is the verifier of being first to be in action at a given place and Time, and as for this planet earth, Black people hold such a rank in term of performance upon this earth, having not profane ignorance as been taught to believe, but having Divine intelligence as has been verified to know.

    Now, a people who have been conditioned to believe as Black people do, about the black self, is a people not with the Mind that came with that black Body life.

    So, in no way should Black people believe that the life of low self-esteem now being lived by you, was not the Black Body life that was lived on earth by them in primitive time, during your adventurous Humble activity performed.

    Black people in their profane mind today, living a life of low self-esteem, in no way are you qualified to become excited over the Divine truth being share about you, about your primitive time on this planet.

    Because with the profane mind that has replaced your Divine mind, it is what cause you to become ignorantly angry when the Divine truth is shared with you, about the type of spirit that black people display of themselves today.

    It is a spirit that verify a Low self-esteem upon this earth, and that is evident that the primitive divine mind that once guided Black people, is no longer present.

    Black people are now under the guidance of a profane mind, the low quality of mind that now have black people taking on the action of a robot, a robot is controlled by its master, so are black people, now wearing the profane mind of their master, he is Lucifer the Human Being.

    So, Hell no, Black people will not be able to see the error of their profane spiritual action, and spirit represent your attitudinal behavior, and the spirit black people display today toward what Lucifer the human Being is doing to Afrika Libya, is the same ignorant spirit displayed when the Arabs came to afrika and took all of northern afrika, a spirit of complacency, docility, and with a profane Mind.

    A Black people with a profane Mind guiding them, which produce a low self-esteem, in no way will you be able to get that profane Mind to react intelligently to what is going on in afrika today, having no thought about what went on in afrika when Black people were being guided by their divine mind.

    so, is there not a vivid contrast between the Dispensation of time that verify Black people being active in their divine mind and the dispensation of time today, verifying Black people acting with a profane Mind today.

    Yet here you are, getting all pissed off at me, when I share with you that we black people need to reclaim our divine mind, becuse if we do not, you will continue to sit back on your do nothing low self-esteem behind and allow Lucifer end up literally occupying all of afrika.

    Yet, here you are expressing your ignorant anger because the divine truth has come, and now is exposing vividly the the ignorance of our action and our low self-esteem, which have you not to be able to see, as you look at your self today and see nothing out of order in the way we are behaving, as the devil is attempting to put Qaddafi in their Gun and bomb sight, as you attempt to justify Lucifer action because of the profane mind you now wear that prevent you from the use of profound reasoning, being rational and logical, as you analyze the action being performed in Afrika Libya and other areas of afrika, by a people that have been a proven Devil to the black life.

    Be kind to your self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]