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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Black Condition is to serious to get caught up in semantics or to be concern about scarring each other Vain Ego, which serve as a sign that Envy and Jealousy is a motivating factor that raise up malice upon what ever response is displayed under such irrational emotion condition.

    I preface the above statement based on what I am about to share with us Black People and I know what rejection it will generate, if mot publicly then privately and such a reaction will only come from the Afrikan American that is under the impression that what we have been taught to believe about our Life, is all there is to believe and you resent the coming of the Divine Truth that reveal what we been led to believe we know, is not what we need to know about GOD, Universe, and Our Black Selves as a once Black Divine Being.

    All Black People even those of us who believe we know all there is to believe that we know, concerning the Dynamics that affect our Lives, we must dismiss that information with a foundation of the teaching so taught to us by people of an oppressive Nature, such people Lie, and can not be Trusted by Black People, or shall I say should not be Trusted.

    Now, my point is this, in the form of a question, to us Black People, which is this, What Concerning Black People, that Is In Dire Need To Be Saved ? Is It Our Soul or is it our Life ?

    Religion has so indoctrinated and misguided us, until we now today, when claiming to have been enlighten out from the shackles of religion Doctrinal Teaching, yet we continue to use the religious perception about ourselves that have been taught to us by the religious mind of a Liar and Deceiver.

    So what has Religion influenced us to believe about our Black selves, is it that our soul is in Want to be saved, and I use Want, because our Soul most certainly is not in Need of being saved, and not until we Black people come to learn what about us, is our soul, and not until then, regardless of how much we claim to know about our Black Selves, we will remain slaves to the Human Being Religious teaching, which prevent us from coming to know what constitute the Soul of our Body Mind.

    what is the soul of the Being in relation to God and the Universe, other than the Divine Energy of the Divine Essence, yet religion claim that our oul must be saved and that is all it is, only just that, a claim.

    Now, let us come to term as to what constitute the Soul of our Being.

    Beloved, is it not a fact that the Central need of all life, is that which cause life T to be functional alive, because if you are not Functional alive, then the life is of no use, so we can logically conclude that the Soul is what cause the Body Mind to be qualified to be Functional and that the central Core of your body Being, is the Pineal Gland, but you See, it is an Energy Gland and not an organic one that can be Seen or touched, you just know that it is there, because it cause you to be Functional, you know, in Motion, a sign that you are alive, and being alive confirm your Life motion, therefore your Life is depended upon its soul to keep it alive, you know, functional, so that which provide Life to the Body Being, does not need to be saved, because that which the Soul Represent, is beyond needing to be saved, It Is The Energy, The Intelligent Source Of Life, the Soul Is, I Speak Of.

    So Beloved, Religion has duped us into believing that the Soul is in Need of being saved when it is the Body Life MIND, that is in need of being saved form all of the Lies it has been conditioned to process as being True, concerning our Life situation, which is exposed to all kind of life circumstances that abuse the Mind Body of your Life a condition that have us Black people believing that our Soul is in need of Saving, when in fact, it is our Life that is catching all of the Hell that prevent it from Living a Life of Peace and Joy, in Freedom, that is in need of being saved..

    In the devilish Human Beings religion, the Metaphor of the Job and God conversation, tell us that this devilish liar of a Human Being knew very well what constituted the soul and that it serve our Body at the action of the Divine essence, and that the soul is an intricate Reality of the Divine essence ( GOD ) and anything that generate Motion and intelligence, it is a verification of the Divine Essence and is not in need of being Saved in orfer to be received by the Divine Essence, which is an occurrence of ITS OWN Action, therefore the Soul Is and Does Return to the Infinite Darkness of Space, where such Divine Action reside Eternally, existing in an action of coming and going..

    So beloved, that is why in the Job Fable, it state very clearly that all that is of the Physical Body Life, it can be influenced, tricked and deceive, but the Soul of All things are out of bound and is out of reach of all that has been produced by the Divine essence, therefore the Central Core of Life Being, is not at jeopardy of anybody or anything, the Soul is in Reserve and is out of reach from Life Beings, so as the saying goes in order to imply that the Soul is beyond Temptation, therefore needing not to be saved, because it is the Divine Essence of the body Life.

    So beloved, it is Time for us Black folks to get seriously busy about saving the Mind Life, because that is what in jeopardy and not our soul, such a belief about the Soul, is a seed planted by the Human Being Religion and now we have allowed ourselves to be distracted away from our Body Life responsibility, which is to do what needs to be done in order to save our Life and the Life of our Body is our MIND, because we are what we THINK, or the lack there of, as for as our Soul is concerned, it is the provider that cause our Life to be, it being the Divine Energy To Life and not of our Life, because the Soul is an entity of Eternal Existence, whose abode is Infinity, into the Perfect Spatal Night.

    Black Folks have allowed our priorities to be rearranged, without us Knowing the Truth of that which has been rearranged that affect us Black People, we no longer knowing the Function of the Soul to the Body Mind, and Spirit, the Trinity of You being the Me, Self, And I.

    What Black Folks need to do is to lay aside our Afrikan Theology Confusion, as we attempt to weave the Human Being Religion into a Flawed Afrikan Religious Theology concept and just allow us to just come together for Now, with one Mind, and that is to save our Black Life and in doing so, Afrika will return back into the possession of the Black so call Afrikan, and then and only then, will we Black People be ready for the Divine Truth concerning God, Universe, and Self, absent of the Trinity of Evil, which are, Vain Ego, Envy, And Profane Jealousy.

    Be Kind To Your Selves

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    [email protected]