Black People : Black People Don't Want To Be Black No More

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black People Don't Want To Be Black No More!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I am totally aware of the exception rule and I do invoke it here, meaning that all Black Afrikans are not guided by a Negro mind and I accept the Nature of the Black Design of a people wearing the identity of the perfect Night without regrets. ( Darkness, Blackness )

There is nothing to debate about being Black pigmented and Soulfully, ( Mentally ) I glorify my Blackness and I am not dictated too by Lucifer Enthymology, his meaning and definition of words he has created for use in his education indoctrination process, which has been accepted by the world he now controls, a world where Freedom is not the envy of a Thinking Common Sense Use by a thinking Mind, evidence of your Blackness.

Being Black is more than pigment appearance, it is also a spiritual characterization of physical action, such Blackness takes place in the soul of Melininated people who are so much Black endowed until you can't ignore the similarity of a well-endowed melanin pigmented Afrikan being related to the Perfect Night. ( Darkness, Blackness }

Issues such as the shade of our pigment are not of such relevance when our Black behind is living without the pleasure of Freedom, Justice, and Independence, the shade of our Universal Divine pigment has everything to do with the way that so-called white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being behave toward Black Afrikan people, Yes, Black Afrikan People, and it is the so-called Negro that does not want to be Black anymore, so what do we do, we abandon the obligation we have to our Ancient Cosmic Black Universal Divine Ancestors to do whatever is necessary for us to do to have once again a Unified Black Afrikan Nation, to have Afrika to belong to the Black Afrikans and to become Governed by a United States Of Afrika Government.

Such must be the focus of Common Sense Use by Black Afrikans today, because if you question the shade of your pigment as Nature has designed it to be, then you prove of your self that you do not know what God is, Negro, and it is the Negro Afrikan who do not want to be Black and shows a preference to be white with all of its subsidiaries related to colors that are not Black, Dark, the two being the same one perfect Night, the Garment of the Greater Good-God.

The Perfect Night is Black being Darkness and it is that Divine Element Darkness that is the Core Foundation being the perfect Night, the Divine Womb out from which everything comes to be in the physical, Blackness is what gives birth to the Prism of colors, all colors are a reflection of illumination that gives the illusion of being when in actuality is not, colors are not with the independence to be of its own, it is fiction portraying what is, when it is not present with its own independent energy that causes the illusion of its illumination having only its meaning and purpose because of the glorification of the Divine Elemental Energy Intelligence of the Perfect Night, Yes, that is Darkness, Blackness out from the three which is one, having no prisms of illusions, the only Divine Reality is Blackness and the Negro do everything today to demean Blackness, all because not wanting to be Black no more and the Negro like Lucifer despise the Element Darkness, Blackness, the Perfect Night the three being one and the same.

All of your power is invested in the power and glorification of your Blackness, it is the Soul of you and the soul is the mental energy guiding the body providing it with the spirit of your action meaning as you use the Mind so will you be revealed to be as you act and behave in the process of living.

There is no Divine rising of the once Black Divine Nation, not as long as there be the rise of the Negro who by the negro spirit is proclaiming not wanting to be Black no more and woe is the soul of man that does not know what God Is!!!

Divine Respect

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