Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Do Not Know How To Be Black Anymore

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    Black People Do Not Know How To Be Black Anymore

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What does it mean to be Black, I mean to be the most powerful pigmented shaded Being among the Beings that make up the World, forget about the semantics, the technicality concerning the color spectrum erected by Lucifer himself.

    I am referring to the inscription of a people who wear a pigment that is of the Space identity, and carry its ingredient, a space that is infinite Energy of such unmeasurable power, until it manifest the beauty of Light-less Blackness.

    Yet, such Infinite Energy Power is the Mother and Father of its opposite, that which we refer to as Light, and the fact that what brightly illuminate, come from that which is without such a light, but with a Radiant not to be compared with, yet it produce, (Create) and such an entity is known as Darkness, Night, without light, Blackness, a Divine Reality that is Divine in and by the mere fact of its Infinite existence.

    Here is a planet we all have decided to accept to be identified as Earth, here again an identity by name given to it by Lucifer himself, earth being occupied by a multiplicity of People, separated by their Ethnic identity, each carrying a physical scar of a kind that give to them their own independent unique phenotype of a description to be identified by, and yet we all constitute One Anthropomorphous Being, a Being of like same form, which is of a one physical tangible form, having our own corporeal distinction.

    So you see, being Black is more than a pigment shade, it is a physical form and mental spirit we are identified by, expressed by the way we appear, act and behave in life, and according to the way Black people act and behave today, serve as evidence that Black people do not know how to be Black people today, and it is because the people referring to themselves as Black people, are without the knowledge that it take to know how to be Black today.

    There are people who run around making claim to be Black and is Goddess and Gods, and yet do not know what the Divine Essence is (GOD) and is totally without knowledge of who we are , but make all of the claims that give off the impression that we are high level intelligent Black people.

    We also are making claim that we were the first to introduce Harmony, order, and Balance by living in such a way that represent a Mind that is in an accordance to the action of Nature performance.

    Yet it is those same people who claim to be first upon this planet that is without the ability to use the Mind that came with their body life, to use it in such a way that it will be used to be recognized when being lied to and deceived, and it is God the Divine Essence that can not be deceived, lied to yes, but not deceived, and the lie being told to God, the Divine Essence, is that Black people are reasonable, Rational, Logical Thinking people today, which is a lie with an act with an attempt to deceive.

    You Must See, in order to know that the condition our life is in today and the way we submit to worshiping a religious lie and being committed to defending such a lie, serve as evidence that Black people first lie to self and lie to God the Divine Essence, which is a clear indication that Black people have no knowledge of of the Divine Essence or how to be Divinely Black so call Afrikan people, nut has embraced to be Human Beings submitting to a false savior, an identity assumed to be, without Thinking.

    Here you are, Black so call Afrikan people, A people who were given an entire continent that is with all of the necessities needed to become the most Godly people to be qualified to be an example of how to be Divine, while being Black.

    You now a people who do not have the slightest notion of who you are and by not knowing who you are, it prevent you from knowing how to be Black and Divine, in such a way that is for you to Think Divinely about yourselves.

    It is the Eternal Infinite Space which is Darkness, that which reflect an internal as well as a external appearance that is without the illumination of light, an action that reveal the direct opposite to what is considered to be light, which really is what we refer to as Dark, Night, and to be Black.

    So such a shaded light-less entity is considered to be Black in identity, and in Blackness, there is Divinity, because it is the Darkness that function in Harmony, Order, and Balance, and such action is the attribute of all of that which is Divine, and Divinity is the Greater Good to all things that are intrinsic in the Infinite Space Darkness.

    So Blackness is a function of the Mind and the Mind is what require you to Think, so that you may know what is Divine and what is profane, and it is profanity that is the opposite to Divinity and being Divine is to be Black, and today, Black people do not know how to be Black, because being Black is a Divine way of living your life, and a Divine life is meant to be free.

    All the stuff Black people talk about while in use of our Human Being Mind, serve to be the extracurricular to that which is required to know, and Black people are required to know the required curricular which the subjects, which are the Divine Essence, (God) both Universe, the Elements intrinsic within the Eternal Infinite Space Darkness, and the self of the Black Being, and Black people being without such Divine Knowledge about such Divine Eternal Infinite subjects, does in fact prevent Black people from knowing how to be Black.

    Being Black is being Free and self respectful, and where there is self respect there is the action of Divine Thoughts concerning your self, and when being Divine, living with boarders, is not being Black.

    Because you must be able to see, a Divine Mind, Think not within a caste, but is allowed to roam Freely through the corridors of your Mind, which must be Divine, such a way of living serve as proof of knowing how to be Black, otherwise, living as a Black Human Being is evident that you do not know how to be Black, because being Black is Divine, because all there is, came out of the Divine Infinite Eternal Dark Universe.

    How can you know how to be Black when you go around questioning your Blackness, such serve as a sign that you do not know who you are, you being referred to as being anything else other than being Black, does not change the anthropomorphous corporeal nature of your Being.

    So Life is all about how you live it and you live it based on how you use your mind, and today, you Black folks, or how ever you choose to refer to your self, do not know how to be yourselves, all because you no longer know thyself, and without such knowledge, how can you know how to be Black.

    Black so call Afrikans crave to be White, not knowing that such a Hunger come from the lost of a Mind that once verified the beauty of our Blackness, a lost mental art, because we have become a people who have gone and lost our Divine Mind, beloved.

    Please, follow the link to the book that will reveal to you how to be your self, the Book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    'Things far apart..."

    "Things come together again..."

    Brother Achebe...



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    Well, said !!!

    Wow, Excellent !! I'm lost for words. Truly excellent !! ^5 !!! If this is an hint of what's revealed in the book. I'm sure it's worth every penny and then some. I'm finished for the month already, ( Now, I'm mad ) But January 1 st. I will certainly run to order the book.

    Thanks so much for such a resourceful drop.