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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

When it is all said and done concerning Black People, it is the state of condition of the Black Life in the World, That Is Our Reality, it is not about the quality of your education, how much money you earn, what your political views are, or what your Religious Persuasion is, or how well you believe that you can read the tea leave of America Foreign Affairs or the Human Being International Foreign Affairs, nor is it about your Social popularity, or what position you might have been able to convince the Human Being to allow you to occupy, all of those things have nothing to do with the Divine Reality of the Black World, our Divine Reality is that the Black World is in need of being Liberated from all of those things that promote a false perception about our Black Selves and the sad part about it is, we are faithfully locked into believing that our present condition in the world can be changed without us disconnecting from the very source that have us in our present Mind condition, that which prevent us from recognizing and accepting the Divine Reality of the Black World, which is, we are in Need of being Liberated, both Physically and Mentality.

The Divine Reality that face the Black World and also condemn the Black World, whether we Black People have the Will to acknowledge such a Reality or not and that Divine Reality of Black People, is the present condition of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan World, a Fact that reveal that the Black World is Divided and now Live a Life totally depended upon somebody else, other than ourselves, and it is the Black Position in the World that reveal the Life defeat of Black People, and it is that Divine Truth that is our Divine Reality.

There is no amount of us Talking about somebody else Attitudinal Behavior, somebody else political Action, somebody else Religion that house Black People belief, somebody else strategy being used to confine and dumbfound other people of a World Society, or how Black people is qualified in the various entertaining arenas, for the pleasure of the Human Being, or the position some of us occupy in the Professional Class of an Economic System designed to always have a so call Lower Class, all of such, do not reveal the Black People Divine Reality.

Our Divine Reality can not be challenged, can not be denied, can not be explained away, can not be made to go away by us acting a Buffoonery like fool, in the face of our Divine Reality, no amount of Ego, Envy, Jealousy, arrogance, none of those acts that display our Mental affliction, is qualified to fade away the Black Divine Reality, which happen to be the present state of the living condition of the Life of Black People and the present condition of Afrika, that beloved, is the Black Divine Reality that we have not the Will to acknowledge with an ambition to Change, all else is the Black People living under the influence of Illusion, labeling such as our Reality, a Reality that keep the Black World Divided and Self uniformed.

Divine Reality is about what is effective in affecting your Black Life and nothing else, because it is how you Live, that is your Divine Reality and not how you want to Live, but is how you Need to Live on this planet and not Necessarily of this world, although we are in it, and if that living is a Black people Divided one, then such is not your Divine Reality, but is an illusion of it.

The Black Reality, is that at the present Time, Black people do not have power and Authority to make decisions that are respected in this world of Human Beings Dominating Power and Authority, which now decide the Life condition of the Black World, the only Ethnic Group I am now concerned about, that beloved, is the Black Reality that can not be refuted by Reasonable, Rational, and Logical Minds, the Empirical Facts of that Matter being, the present condition of Black People in and now of this Evil World.

Black People Reality is, that there is a Need for action from Black People, that will not cease until Afrika and the Black World has been Liberated and the two must once again, become to be One to each other, Afrika and Black People I speak of, that beloved, will become our Divine Reality once again, anything else, will be an act that is Futile in our act of belief about what is best in the interest of Black People Life Living. .

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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