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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me beloved, why is it that some Black People rather believe that the way we have come to act and behave in life is perfectly alright and that we should not place a spiritual standard to our life way of living that is no higher than White folks, the Human Beings of this world?

    You see, I ask the question because I have been told by a Black Person whom I take to look upon self as being a reasonable well taught individual and yet this individual function with a mind that give cause to inform Black people that I have no right to make the statement that I have made concerning some Black so call Afrikans and that statement was, There Are Many black People Who Do Not deserve To Be Black, so for any Black Person to disagree with that statement clearly indicate that either the statement is not understood what it is implying or that there are some Black People who are so religiously fanatical to the point that they believe what White people have taught us about our lives that now have us believing we can act and behave in a degrading way of behaving and still get forgiven by their God.

    You see, there are many Black people who believe white people take about life, which is that the attitude and behavior of the living Being is not to believe that the character of the Human Being is not to be of a perfect spirit and that is why there are time for confession, you know asking for forgiveness for all of the evil you do in life, which imply that you know that your character is not of a standard that it should be and you have been taught that is alright because everybody character is not of a flawless standard either.

    Many Black People have been religiously conditioned to believe that living life is not suppose to be that of a Divine way of living but is to be the way the Human Being has taught how our Life came to be and that is born to be a liar and a deceiver and not to know that the Divine Essence,(GOD) everything It Bring Forth is Perfectly Divine.

    Beloved, only a devilish mind will support the way that many Black so call Afrikans act and behave in life today and have the ignorance to defend many Black Folks Spirit that we display today to be acceptable and alright and yes, the spirit of the living Being is no more than the attitudinal behavior we display by our body life action.

    So yes, I remain firm based upon the ability given to me by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors to know and do make the claim from the highest mountain top, stating that There Are Many Black People Who Do Not Deserve To Be Black!!!

    Beloved, the evidence that such a statement is Divinely True is the fact of the condition that cause Afrika not to be Afrika any more and the Black Nation has been torn asunder and you tell me there are some Black Folks who believe the way we are acting toward each other is alright, there are many so call Black Afrikans who even assisted in causing Afrika and the Black Nation condition to be as it is today and by the display of their spirit towatd Afrika and black people they still have a right to be considered to be worthy to be Black and Afrikan?

    At some point, ignorance is no longer bliss, beloved.

    How pitiful and a sad state of Mind some Black folks now function with, believing that Black people character should not be held to a Divine standard and it is all because the Human Being has taught us that it is perfectly alright to act a fool toward each other as long as we step in the confession box admitting we have acted and behaved as a foolish devilish person is suppose to act and behave.

    To attempt to develop an issue over the fact that there are many Black so call Afrikans who do not deserve to be Black, clearly indicate that those taking issue with that statement believe that Black Folks are acting and behaving normal and natural, which verify that there are many Black people who do not know what their Blackness represent, which is the highest display of being Divine, a standard that now many Black people frown upon and do not believe such a Divine standard represent anything other than what white folks have taught us about our Black selves and Life.

    Being Divine indicate that you are living a life that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance in your surrounding and that you relate to all that deserve to be in the presence of such a Divine Spirit, a Divine Spirit many Black People no longer display and live in the presence of each other any more.

    So tell me, are all of those phony preachers, political leaders, professionals and community activist worthy to be Black and Afrikan, are they, do they meet the standard of displaying a Divine Spirit?

    Beloved, With That Question I Go Silent with confidence in the statement that many of us claiming to be Black and Afrikan is not worthy to be Black, given the state of condition of Afrika and the Mind of many claiming to be Black and Afrikan.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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