Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Are Not Obligated to Respect The Sovereign Rights Of Religion

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    Black People Are Not Obligated to Respect The Sovereign Rights Of Religion

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Tell me, why is it that Black people are so obsessed with protecting the attitude and behavior of Religion, an institution that has a history of not being kind to the Sovereign Divine Rights tha Black People have to live our Life without being infringe upon by somebody else opinions, produced as a doctrine claiming that it come Directly out from GOD Mouth and it is that Doctrine that was and is used to destroy the Divine Mind of Black People, and it now keep us from being able to Think independently from the prescribed way we must Believe, as so dictated by the established religious Doctrines that have a history and a reputation of Lying and deceiving Black People.

    Such Lies and Deception have now captivated the entire world, dictating how we are to believe about God, Universe, and Self way of Life Living.

    Is it not a fact that Afrika and the condition of the so call Black Afrikans today is based on our attitude and behavior that is dictated by the Human Being Religious Doctrine, and yet we now construct restraints that forbid us from revealing the Evil that is well inherit in that devilish institution we call Religion?

    Evil has no refuge from the Divine Truth and it is Divine Truth that has an obligation to reveal the Evil that now hold the Black Divine Mind Hostage, under the Yoke of Religion, a weapon used to destroy an entire Black Nation and now the victims of such an attack have become the guardian of the weapon that inflict the Pain, Suffering, and Death of Black People, literally and Mentally so.

    Every Time we propose such a question about that Fantasy Jesus, and do so in such a way to imply Jesus is real, as so been portrayed in the Religious Doctrine, which claim that Jesus really did live and walked upon this Earth, as so indicated in the Human Being Bible, claiming to be the Word Of God, then we serve to be an enabler to the very instrument used to rip the Divine Mind out from our Ancient so call Afrikan Black Ancestors and the end result from that religious protecting action have us in our now present life living condition today.

    To give off any indication that the Leading Character of the Religious Christian Institution, Jesus, really did live and walked on this planet as so claim by Religion, and this is in regard to all religions, clearly imply that you embrace the story of the Jesus production, as so stated in your Holy Book, which you call the Bible, as the Human Being Lie about it being the actual word of God Himself, and you tell me that it is out of bounds to reveal such a profane Lie, masquerading around in Black People Mind as being the God Heaven Truth, when it really is the Human Being Made up Lie, used to deceive the Black World and eventually the World in general.

    Here Black Folks are, knowing nothing about our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors Theology and we have some of us so rooted in the Human Being Ignorance until they refer to the Black Theology as some Hip Hop Hocus Pocus and they that do, only appear to be intelligent to such Like Minds and it be those Minds that are the most potent enemy to Black people and they are doing all that they can to preserve the weapon that the Human Being invented to destroy a once Divine Black Nation.

    I must go back to the premise when dealing with the devil Religion and that is, it is how you begin that will determine your End, therefore if you begin misleading people with A lie and using an attitude and behavior that will deceive the people into believing A lie is the Truth and deception is reality, then such a path will lead to requiring more of the same Lies and acts of deception to maintain the Lie and acts of deception that is masquerading around in your Mind as being True and Real.

    Case and point regarding the story of the leading religious character, whom we have been brain washed to imagine to be real and a True Anthropomorphous Being, as you and I, which mean all religious believers have been duped to accept on Faith value, the story of their Jesus, the story that bring Jesus forth by the intercourse action of God with a woman we refer to as Mary and the story proceed to have you believe Death came to the Leading Character and yet the Leading Character defeated Death and came forth again in a New Body Form, and eventually was pulled up by the Hand of his father into Heaven and every Time you propose a question about that Fantasy Character name Jesus as if he reall did live as you and I do, then you prolong the Fantasy and you serve to be an enabler to maintaining such a Doctrine that has caused Black people not to know whom we are or from whence we come and we now despise any and all things that are shared with us, that reveal the Fantasy and impracticality of such a religious claim about a Character that has the affect of a Dope that Manipulate the Brain into believing in something that is not and that is, Jesus really Live and will eventually save your Soul.

    We believe in such a Religious experience because we refuse to Divinely Think, using the Mind our Ancient First Way Ancestors equipped us with, long before Evil appeared in our Presence.

    Anything we say and imply about Jesus that give off the indication that he was / Is Real, serve to verify our Mental deficiency, incapable of performing Profound Logical Empirical Thinking and without such a Mental talent, we reap what we now observe of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans Condition, in this evil Human Being World.

    You expect me to remain silent when I see what this Evil religion has done to us Black people and is still doing to my Black Sisters and Brother, they that are in need of Knowing the Divine Truth, because within that Divine Truth is inherit the Liberation of the Black Divine Mind, thus the Black so call Afrikan Nation, and the Land that goes with You ?

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth and now have fallen in love with all that is Profanely told to us as being True, coming in the appearance of Religion, the Human Being creation.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder

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