Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Are In Poverty For A Leader

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    Black People Are In Poverty For A Leader

    By Chief Elder Osiris
    [email protected]

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Black people today has no idea about what Leadership mean to life, in this case, the Black Body Life.

    Black people have been made to have conflicting opinion about leadership, you have some Black people who have been made to be ignorant about the nature of leadership and how it is a part of the package of life, meaning, whenever there is nature grouping, there is a natural order that require leadership for the group, that is just the way nature has so structured such a grouping system to operate, that is if Harmony, Order, and Balance is to remain in that which nature has designed, To Be.

    So, when you have been made to operate in the space of Temperance, a state of mind that operate in Harmony, Order, and Balance, such being the principles that verify that such a mind is Divine, in its method of Thinking, yet you in your profane mind, make such statement that there is no need for leadership in the group of Black so call Afrikan people.

    Anybody that peddle such a belief, is somebody that is totally unaware of the sacredness and majesty of Leadership.

    To imply that Black people are not in need of Divine Leadership, and that is the only kind of leadership that has Nature stamp of approval, is somebody who are in despise of self, and now have been made to move under the profane attributes of a profane mind, which have you making claim that Black people can get along as a group of people without leadership.

    Those who make such a claim has a mental problem that reveal a believing pattern that display the vanity of ego, envy, and jealousy, the Trinity Of Evil, preventing Black people today, from knowing how much in need there is for A Black Leader, not leadership, but a Black leader.

    Take the Black so call Afrikan Nation today, such a group of Black people are without a Black Divine Leader, and a leader in the Midst of Black people today must be Divine, because the obligation that face a Black Leader today require for Devotion and Honesty without impunity, in the midst of Black people.

    Take the Universe and the Myriads of solar systems that make up its Galaxies, not one solar system operate without a Divine Leader, that leader being the Stars around which the Planets revolve, do so without the motion of Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, not one Planet make an attempt to be a Star, yet with all humbleness give Honor and Respect to the Star around which it revolve.

    So it must be again of the Black so call Afrikan Nation, you being a people who no longer has a Leader, one that is comparable to a Star in its solar activity, yet such is what Nature require in the grouping of all of its species of different phenotypes in according to Nature Design.

    Black people no longer seek a Leader, we have been made to believe that we do not need, !ONE!

    So, to become the Black solar Star in the Midst of the Black Racial planets, now operating out of sync, full of Vanity, ego, envy, and jealousy, making claim that Black people have no need to move in a revolving and rotating manner around a central figure that has prove to be qualified to be the Black Divine Star, for which Black people are to revolve around.

    No, No beloved, all who make claim to be a Black leader, is not from a Divine choosing, because when identifying the Devout Black Leader, it require for you to recognize such a spirit to come from such a Star among you.

    Not a star in the social, economic, entertainment, political, and religious sense, to be identified, but in the sense to mind of a leader who send out radiant resonance vibration to each Black so call Afrikan, causing you to desire to revolve around such Divinity.

    So, a Black Leader is to be full of Divine awareness and concentration with the honesty of concern for the well being of its planets, in this case the planets are the members of the Black so call Afrikan Race, each being Divine in its Mental action.

    A Divine Black Leader is no more than each of those who constitute the Black Nation, there is no class system in the Solar movement of the Black Divine Nation.

    Therefore, A Black leader never attempt to seek your honor , nor does a Black leader seek prestige, nor is with a want to be conspicuous to be notice and worship by you Black people.

    A Black leader is never satisfied as long as the enemy is in the midst of Black people, convincing you to be other than what Nature has designed you to be, which is of a pigment as the night infinite space, and with a Mind as the Sun-Star, around which the planets revolve on its rotating axis, so must be the action pattern of the Black Nation again.

    A Black leader is never satisfied and is of the people of whom the leader lead, the leader being of a caliber leader that show only compassion and Mental affection for the people being guided by such a leader.

    A Black people being not free and full of joy, is a people who function out from the space so been occupied by the First Way Ancestors on this Planet Earth, yet has lost their Divinity and now is of need of a Divine Black leader.

    Such a need is what give cause for such a people not to be living free, so then, the Divine Black leader of such a people in such living agony , will never rest or be at peace until the whole of the group, so naturally Divinely designed, become Free and independent, with a display of a spirit that will verify the Divinity of Mind.

    So today, Black people every where is without a Divine Leader, a Natural requirement for a Group of people who have been made to lose their mental Divinity, thus now function with a Mind that is of no Harmony, Order, and Balance, within the confine of its assigned Group, whose distinction is of a Divine Design, the pigment which symbolize the Divinity of the Everlasting Eternal Infinite Space Energy Darkness, it being the Quantum Divine Essence of all that is of a Natural Intelligent Design.

    Such a Nature Design, come from the strings of Infinite energy, it being with a Harmonic vibration, with a resonance that verify the power of the Energetic Divine Essence Intelligence, the God of Eternal Everlasting Infinity, which the Black Leader , Divine is required, must have a knowledge of such Theological Cosmic Reality.

    So all who make claim to be Leaders of Black people, and Black people voice no objection to such a spirit that has no spiritual connection to Afrika nor is with a Divine Mind that Demand the action that will return Black people to become a United Black Nation, riding the Wing of Reparation, Repatriation for the Children of the Middle Passage and requiring that those children return to Afrika as the next established State in Afrika for the reason and purpose to have Afrika to be for the Afrikan and the Afrika Afrikan, to become a Unified Black Nation again, all with the Reparation so earned by our Enslaved Ancestors, the sacred Ark of our Salvation, which represent the Black Nation Freedom.

    Such a vision must be of the focus of the coming not Black leaders, but a Black Leader, for the Black Nation, symbolizing the Sun of our Solar presence.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]