Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Are Fighters Against Freedom

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    Black People Are Fighters Against Freedom

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me, why has a people who once sat upon the pedestal of Divinity , come to become a people who rest at the level of profane hypocrisy, a level that have you to pretend to want what you really do not desire, which is to be independent and free.

    Those Black people who now do not know who they are, those who have been identified to be everything and anything but who they really are, and have come to accept anything that profanely describe and identify them to be, by those people who have a history of lying and deceiving a people who once lived a life as Divine Beings, and now is accepted by you Black People to be Human Beings, referring to yourselves as being everything but who you are, all because you have been made not to know the Divine Truth About Yourselves.

    You are the people today who identify yourselves as being Afrikans, Afrikans wherever they are, outside of their original earthly habitat, Black Afrikans, a people whose Mind been tamper with in such a severe way until they are totally oblivious of who we are.

    So we assume the identity assigned to us by people who despise and oppress us, so much and so long, until the people calling themselves Black and Afrikans have become the most fierce fighters against Freedom for their lives.

    The Black Afrikans will do anything that will cause them to deny who they really are, they have been made to become a devout enemy against that which is Divinely True, that which describe you as you have been made to become, by our oppressors, and we do believe that we do ourselves a religious service that is pleasing to ourselves, whenever we fight against the Divine Truth, the only Truth that is qualified of bringing Independence and Freedom back to the life of a once Divine Being, we now calling ourselves Black Afrikan Human Beings.

    So there is no wonder why it is that an entire Nation of people remain a prisoner to self ignorance, all because they have become an enemy to Freedom.

    Yes beloved, you Black People are afraid of Freedom and Justice, as you pretend that is what you want, but the spirit you have been expressing tell the world that you despise Freedom, afraid of becoming in possession of a Life that is Sovereign, as you live a life of hypocrisy today.

    What people for thousands of years, live a life that is under the control of those that oppress it and do everything that they can to make sure that such an oppressed life be maintained by them, as they pretend to want to be Free and seek for a way to become free, while all of the Time we demonstrate a spirit that is an enemy to the Divine Truth, the only quality Truth that is capable of motivating such a lowly life to fight to become independent and free.

    Black Afrikans people love the caste of dependency, they have become calibrated to the life of lies and deception and will fight with all determination to maintain such a level of self ignorance that assure such a spirit be maintain by the life Black people.

    Black people have been conditioned to accept as being normal the way we now live our lives, which is in mental captivity, having a mind that cause us to fight against ever becoming free, having a religious notion that such a freedom will come in an after life.

    We Black people have become satisfied in our life state of dependency, we have become afraid of being alone with our life self, a position that will require that you must Think for your self and make independent decision for your self that will not be guided by the influence of those people who have held control of the Black Life for thousands of years.

    So no wonder, when Time bring into the presence of a people dependent upon their oppressors for every life saving requirement, bring a Divine Truth that condemn everything ever been taught to Black people, in the name of a religious truth, we the assumption of a profane Truth being all there is that Black People have been made to want to know, a wanting that prevent Black so call Afrikan people from desiring to know what they need to know about themselves.

    So any profane tool that can be used as a distraction away from knowing the Divine Truth about what is needed in order for Black people to embrace and not fight against Freedom, is immediately rejected, because Black people do not have the mind to see what is required of them in order to become free from all of the lies and acts of deception that have us afraid of Freedom today.

    So what Black people do, well we have acquired the habits and spirit of our oppressors and have become the biggest liars and deceivers of ourselves, as we lie and deceive ourselves, acting as if Freedom, Independence, and Justice is what we want for our lives, when all of the Time the Spirit that we convey demonstrate that it is dependency, mental captivity, and the maintaining of our oppression, that is what we have been made to need, in order to function in our Black so call Afrikan Life.

    So no, there is no wonder why Black people choose to act out an expression of prejudice toward those that come sharing the Divine Truth, the only Truth capable of Freeing the Mind of Black so call Afrikan People and attacking those who would have the Black Nation to become United, because such a Black Union will represent Freedom, and Black so call Afrikans do not want to be Free, because it require for the Black Afrikan to give up their oppressive life.

    So you see, the Mother of all Black so call Afrikan oppression happen to be the oppressors religion and a mind that is Black and has been made to embrace the weapon used to conquer an entire Black Nation, is a Mind now fighting against a quality of Freedom that condemn such a destroying instrument of Black people, such a weapon being Religion of all sorts and kind.

    Yet in the profane Mind of Black People, it has Black people making false and profane claim about the origin of religion, as if it is the created concept that come from our cosmic Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors, they who came with a Cosmic Theology concerning the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and of Themselves, a Knowledge of the God Energy Intelligence that Far transcend the belief that come with the oppressors God Of Religion.

    So it is no wonder of a Divine Mind, why it is that the Black Nation is an enemy against Freedom, because it is our Freedom that will have us to be Free to take responsibility of our own Mind Life, and that is what Black so call Afrikan People do not want, because we have become addicted of being controlled by those people who have conquered our Mind and now have us to become an enemy to the Divine truth and a fighter against Freedom for the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Oh My! Oh My!, COL (Crying Out Loud) when will a people who once was one with the Universe and had full acquaintance of the Divine Essence, be returned with the possession of their Divine Mind and not be an enemy against Freedom for themselves, they who had such Divine Knowledge of the Divine Truth that qualified them to take on the persona of goddess, gods, Divine Beings that we were, and now have become profane in all that we have been made to believe about our Black life, and its relationship to the Divine Essence, The God Of The Eternal Darkness Of Infinity.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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