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Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
If no one else has done so already, i'd like to take this time to Welcome you to the Destee Family & Community, and encourage you to make yourself at home with us.

Peace and Blessings!


Thank you so much!

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
Blue & Chevron - the coincidence of your timely arrival on this site, and even more so, to make your first call to address my particular statements, is not unnoticed.

The answers to your questions have been repeated numerous times - yet you seek to draw even more people into that circular talk that goes nowhere. I'll not be one of them ~ people like you are so concerned with healing the bothersome hangnail that you dismiss the urgent call of our guts spilling out below.

~ I'd feel flattered if I didn't already know you and your agenda.

When I challenged what you wrote about the Bible and white men, I did not intend to draw such an insult from you about 'my agenda' which is based on the Bible.

Unfortunately for you, you are not in power so you have no control over 'people like me'! I would also be flattered if I didn't already know you and your agenda but, I will still use any opportunity if it should come my way to push to win and to enlightened other if I think certain statements are wrong.


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Jun 18, 2004
north philly ghetto
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I just logged in. That is a loaded question because this is all over the Bible. But, the reason why it is difficult to understand has to do with a deliberate mis-interpretation of the Bible during slavery times. But here is a start.

One word-name I'd like to start with is 'Hittite' [W-hite]. The Hittites are from Jap-Heth. The Hittites are white or lighter skinned and the Children of Heth refer to 'Black Japs'. When AbraHam paid for his land, he did it in the presence of 'the Children of Heth' and Elon-the-Hittite.

Another word is 'Baal' versus 'Beel'. The word 'Baal' refers to 'white' and the word 'Beel' refers to 'non-white'.

Another word is 'Ash' or 'As' as in 'Asshur' versus 'Shur' [Assyria-versus-Syria].

I can go on and on but, this is a start.
white supremacy is the very reason why, as Stephen wrote in the Book of Acts, 'God' separated AbraHam from his father Terah!

Terah sided with the Assyrians and AbraHam came from 'an Hamitic mother'! AbraHam was 'A Ram'! His name was Abram! The Ram is the number one 'sign' of Hamitic people 'Khnum'; the Ram!

Terah lived almost as long as AbraHam did, yet AbraHam left Assyria and his generations later became inter-mixed with the aboriginal people of Mizraim Ham! After 400 years in Egypt, the Israelites came out of Egypt with a lot of Hamitic blood. Now this is just for starters.

Terah died only ten years before AbraHam died but yet, AbraHam never went back to see his father, so says the Bible. He sent his servant into Assyria to find him a wife for his son because he did not like the Canaanite culture.

Let's talk about another of my favorites; Nebuchadnezzar. His very name means 'Dark Cloud'! He was a Chaldean. The word 'Chaldean' refers to 'Blacks' of Cush Ham. Nebuchadnezzar overthrew the Assyrians [White Shur] and then, he sent his forces down to come against the Jews because they kept intermixing with the Assyrians and Canaanites in Phoenicia. The Jews made his borders weak because they Chaldeans had to overthrow the Assyrians. Jesus named Cush Ham as 'number 1'! The Golden Kingdom!

Okay, and here is another one; Let's talk about the word for the tribes of Joseph; 'Nebataeans'; the word-name 'Nebataea' comes from much more ancient Hamitic names and the root name 'Nebat' means 'Black'. After the 'Ten Tribes' were overthrown for intermixing with the Phoenicians and Assyrians so much, they would flee from their captivity into Turkey and hide out in rocks and caves and their names became shortened to be known as 'Bat men'.

I could go on and on and on and on . . ..

none of this makes any sense to me at all. lets just drop it.

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