Black People : Black People are Destroying Each Other


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Jun 10, 2004
I Found You!

Hi my Bro. I was looking for you!

I recognized your writing style! It's so great to find you on this forum!

"I accept the fact most (if not all) of the people striving and
trying to make a difference here approach things
via a faith based viewpoints:"

I do so strive and try to make a difference here on this forum and I hope that you will help me to become accustomed.


If no one else has done so already, i'd like to take this time to Welcome you to the Destee Family & Community, and encourage you to make yourself at home with us.

Peace and Blessings!



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Oct 18, 2008
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I've read the earlier post and really loved AU2's thread about 'self hate' and I have so much I would like to add to this viewpoint because I don't believe that we, as a people really realize how past experiences in America have such a heavy bearing on this issure. I really believe that even before we are born, self-hate, is a mode that was put in our ancestors of whom transferred this to us at unawares.

I am curious to know who is AU2? Around here they refer to me as A4U and I did post in this particular thread about self hate, so I am wondering are you talking about me, or someone else?



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Feb 4, 2007
Memphis, TN
to encourage and support
Dear, I never specifically said that wanting your people to have truth is self hate and that sharing what you perceive as truth with your people, is self hate. However, now that we have went there, it is not what you want for you people that demonstrates self hate, it is how you go about giving your people the help you feel that they need, which demonstrates weather it is done with love, or hate. When we demonstrate force, manipulation, and anger towards our people for not accepting the so called truth, we are trying to feed them, we are demonstrating hate towards them, hence, self hate. In my experience, when black people deal with each other in terms of debate, If we can't get the other person to accept our view, we begin to see in that individual, the idiots we feel we once were, the idiot that we used to be (we feel) is the person that we hate. Sometimes, and most of the time I must say, we just have to let people grow at their own pace. If you have something you want to give to your people, in this case *Truth*, fine, do that. However we really need to practice doing that in a fashion where we drop our seeds/knowledge, and keep it moving. If you really believe that you are the one who is right, once you have dropped your seeds, let the universe take care of the rest. Otherwise, when we attempt to manipulate our people, we don't get them to accept the truth from their heart. When we attempt to force them to accept our truth, we do nothing but make them rebel and want nothing to do with the truth. When we attempt to anger them, we do nothing but show them that we don't really trust the truth, that we are trying to convey, because if we did, we would simply let the truth, speak for itself.


Sister, I tip my hat to you!!!! I have never seen it better expressed--the Truth doesn't always need to be wrapped in confrontation. Good points, all!

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa!

Sister, I tip my hat to you!!!! I have never seen it better expressed--the Truth doesn't always need to be wrapped in confrontation. Good points, all!

And I agree with you mizjoice, Astrologer4U really laid it out plainly and with wisdom. It is very easy to co-sign the position the sister presented.



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May 20, 2009
Peace and Blessings Family,

We talk about what white folk do to us, as if we're oblivious to what we do to each other. It amazes me. We are so quick to think the worst of our own people, attack them, accuse them, attempt to destroy them and their efforts, as if they are in fact, the real enemy.

We've been so conditioned to do this to each other, that it's really becoming scary to me. This community's sole purpose, is to provide a place where we can respect each other, come together peacefully, and all throughout the years, i've been fought by Black People in this effort.

It's not been white people, to my knowledge, coming here and attacking us. We attack each other. We don't even need them to come in and attack, for left to our own devices, there will not be one left standing. Not one worthy of consideration, or respect. We will dig down, drill, hunt, and scour the earth, internet, whatever is at our disposal, to prove another Sister or Brother is low down, no good, and dirty. We'll even use the information and articles posted about us, by the enemy, to persuade each other, that another is not worthy of their love, attention, support, etc.

We will do all of this to each other, knowing full well, that every other Sister and Brother on the earth, is experiencing the mistreatment of white people ... be it direct or indirect ... not one of us goes unscathed. There may be some of us that have become happy in their lot, willing to take whatever condition their life is in, without regard to the rest of us ... but it doesn't change the fact that around the world, Black People are mistreated by white people.

We are in bad shape Family, as a people.

We don't even stand a chance, against our common enemy, for we have rendered each other useless, before ever getting to the front line of the real battle ground. Upon approaching it, the real battleground, all we will have to fight with, are wounded Sisters and Brothers. Stabbed, shanked, and choked out, by their very own people.

And it seems as though ... we can't even see that.

We can't see what we're doing to each other. The examples we're giving our children.

I propose, that if we could simply stop attacking each other, stop killing each other, stop thinking the worst of each other, stop calling each other out of our names, stop looking for ways to be superior to each other, better than each other, greater than each other ... if we could stop that ... and learn to respect each other, think the best of each other, encourage each other, forgive each other ... our real enemy is in trouble.

But gosh ... i don't know if we can pull it off.

We seem so hellbent on destroying each other.

It's frightening.



We are NOT our own worst enemy.

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