Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Are Blindly Committed To Religion Until Can't See The Need For Self

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    Black People Are Blindly Committed To Religion Until Can't See The Need For Self

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me beloved, what is it about Black people and Religion that have us acting out of our Divine Mind and have gone color blind, to the extent that we can not See who we really are, everything we are beholden to has been prescribed by somebody else other than ourselves Divine Mind.

    Here we are, acting in such a way and we say things that are not common to the way Black people once used our Mind to Think about, so there is no wonder why it is that Black people are running around copying and emulating our oppressors in every way that we can, because we have been made to become with a mental illness that penetrate the senses of Black people until it has become very difficult if not impossible for some of us Black people to recognize and admit to the error of our ways today.

    So what happen, you end up hearing Black people say such things that only make respectful sense to the oppressors of Black people, such as, Black people growing sick of hearing about the color difference in the world, or Black people making such dumb statement like for instance, they do not look at the color of people in the world, as a matter of fact, Black people have decided to lie for reason to emulate the oppressors, every time Black people make the lying statement saying that they do not see color when looking at white people, and here is the biggest lie of all, stating that they do not see ourselves as Black People.

    You see, what reveal and give away that lying white so call liberal, is when they say that they can look right at my Black behind and do not see me as I am made to be by the Divine Essence.

    You must come to see, the reason why the white liberal make claim not to see all of this Blackness starring them in the eyes of their white face, is because they have made us to become invisible to them, so that they do not have to respectfully acknowledge us Black people for who we Divinely are, which is Black Divine Beings, made to become an invisible Human Being nothing, in the eyes of the hypocritical white Liberals, they being greatest danger to Black People

    You Can Take It Or Leave It, It Remain Divinely True.

    That beloved, is the reason why Afrika is as it is today and the Black Afrikan is as blind as can confess to be today, because with the Mind Black people have been saddled with, make Black people no longer can See what is in front of our Mind eye, which cause us to be blind of those things that our sense of perception capture to be able to look at in life fantasy world today.

    You Must be able to see, in order to know and understand beloved, that to be blindly led by religion, stifle your ability to act and respond with Divine Intelligence, to those things that are keeping us to appear to be the biggest Black Fool on the World Block.

    It is all because Religion have you to be color Blind and ignorant to the fact that the color you claim you no longer can see, is the reason why your Black behind is without Divine Freedom today.

    So, because you can not see, is why you remain a slave, and you do not even know it, because it require a Divine Mind Use, to know and Understand what you need to be able to see, and seeing is beyond believing, beloved, and you need to be able to see your Black behind again, before Divine Freedom is to dawn your Black Life.

    To ignore religion to be a cancer to the Black Mind, is to ignore that which is eating as a virus in your brain, and a cancer ridden brain prevent the Mind from being active Divinely, and if not prevented, Death is sure to come to you Black people with the religious cancer, eating at your Brain Mind.

    So I ask you beloved, does not Black people appear in the world as walking with death and as a companion with a relationship to death, do we not act as if that cancerous Religion is so attached to our brain until the final chapter of our Mind is on the verge of becoming comatose, the chamber where Death is no stranger to life?

    How can you Black people be so beholden to the very thing that show to you no compassion whatsoever, religion I am sharing about, and yet, twenty four seven, you are in a protective profane religious mind, that which is crucifying the Mind of Black people, a people now confessing to be completely Blind to who they are, with the exception of a few Black people, you who operating under the guidance of your Divine Mind.

    It is the Black Fool who say that they do not see the shade of their skin, and make claim to Love everybody, is evidence that God love you, such is Lucifer Teaching, the corner stone of Lucifer Religion.

    Yet it is Black People who hold such a flawed doctrine for life to be honored and obeyed, because sure as Hell, the oppressors do not sign on to such deceiving profanity, but you must come to see, it happen to be Black people who are so down right blindly religious and the only people to take the Doctrine of Lucifer Religion personal.

    Only the Blind Mind of Black people believe that religious doctrine is especially to Black people, because we are the only foolish people going around trying to Love everybody, treat everybody with respect, and is afraid and fearful of the Religious God, while Lucifer rule the Life of such Religious Black Minds of Black people.

    Yes, Yes beloved, Black People Are Blindly Committed To Religion, Until we Can't See The Need For Self, and a people who do not take care of the need of self, happen to be the color blind religious Black people, even though we do not know the significance of being Black as the Divine Infinite Night.

    Religion teach, to be color conscious, is a sin, but such teaching is only to apply to the Black religious believer, because all else seem to have open season to the oppressors kicking Black People behind, because being who they see us to be, which is Black and undeserving, and is of no need for Respect, the kickers and disrespectful of our Black behind, they being Lucifer the oppressors of Black people as well as the creator of Religion.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Beloved, only a fool expect a fool to bow to religion, but the wise expect nothing of a Greater Good to come from religion, because religion handiwork is all over the Mind of most Black people and the evidence being the present day status of Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, a fact that can not be Divinely Intelligently denied.

    Yes, Afrika once was the bedrock paradise of Divine Spirituality, but today Afrika is the grave yard of Lucifer Religion and walking religious corpse are all around in Afrikan and in the world Today, color Blind, which cause Black people not to see what it is of self that caused the fall of a Divine Black Nation, while Lucifer was in action destroying your Black behind, seeing your Black selves every step taken to destroy your Black Mind self.

    The religious doctrine was meant only for Black folks to commit to, while the oppressors of the world conquer Afrika and the World without religious conviction, because you must come to see, the religious doctrine was not created for the creator of such a doctrine, just only for the Black Religious believers, which mean that only Black People Are Blindly Committed To Religion, Until Can't See The Need For Self.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Too bad many will reject this. I'll say what you said again in simpler terms.